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Google's Chrome v31

Nov 27, 2013 01:57 PM EST


Google Chrome recently updated to 31.0.1650.48. Chrome 31 is available for Android users. Google’s Chrome 31 Flash Player had been updated to 11.9.900.152 with the release. Numerous Security Fixes were also updated. The update included a total of 25 security fixes which ranged from various internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives fixed.

The number one browser in the world is Google Chrome. The company first released its version in 2008. Since then, According to StatCounter, Chrome’s global market share in June 2013 was 43 percent, up from just 33 percent a year ago. At 25 percent market share, Internet Explorer remains the second most popular browser in the world. Microsoft’s (MSFT) browser retains a particularly strong position in North America, where it is almost head to head with Chrome.

Google Play

Chrome 31 will be available in the Google Play store. The update also contains many new features. Chrome Beta for Android 4.0 and up includes the latest features. Android users can install Chrome Beta alongside any current version of Chrome for Android. Chrome Beta will request additional permissions when using Chrome Sync for the first time.

Android users can conveniently fill out online forms. For Android developers, autocomplete information can be accessed through requestAutocomplete. Users will also be able to choose payment data that had been stored in Chrome browser and are now able to enter data via a browser-provided interface, developers via payment processor. Google Chrome for Android can be updated through the browser’s built-in silent updater or downloaded directly. Application shortcuts are available at Google Play. The application sites will be opened in a fullscreen window.

Chrome for Android Update

  • Printing from Chrome on Android KitKat devices

  • Enhanced autofill for a faster checkout experience on sites supporting request Autocomplete.

  • Stability, performance, and security updates

  • Security fixes and rewards

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Competition with Microsoft Corporation’s Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is the latest Microsoft version for web browser’s. 45% of IE products allocate for Microsoft’s product line and IE10 has to date 2.93% of the market. IE10 barely succeeds over Windows 8. Microsoft's Windows 8 marketplace impact was anything but revolutionary. Windows 8's agitated many PC users. The high cost of many Microsoft systems made them a tough sell in economic conditions. The numbers could change as the economy is still in recovery from the crisis.

Google’s Chromebook sales which rely on Google Chrome’s web browser reached high revenues earlier this year. Chromebook is lower cost and lightweight laptop. Currently, Google, Samsung and Acer Chromebooks accounted for approximately 25 percent of sub-$300 laptop sales. DigiTimes recently reported that orders for the second half of this year show the Acer ($199-$249) and Samsung ($249) Chromebooks up 300% and 400% respectively.

Android uses can view the full list of changes available in Google’s SVN log. Download v31 at google.com/chrome.

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