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Scentee's Scented Smartphone Notification

Nov 26, 2013 01:56 PM EST

Smell is one of the most primal senses. The “Scentee” recently launched a new smartphone plug-in for Android. The smelly notifications are being emitted and delivered in real time by a tiny accessory which plugs in via headphone. Scentee is the first smartphone accessory to offer scent notifications. The Scentee for Android is available for $35.

The Japanese device offered by ChatPerf is available in the U.S and Japan available through Amazon. The app for Scentee is programmed to received notification with having custom LED lights blinking and then releases a smell. The social notification app enables the plug-in to release the scent and the user can then receive notifications through Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

For Android users, The Scentee currently comes in a variety of many scents such as bacon, curry, coconut, corn syrup, mint, cinnamon roll and apple. The headphone plug-in accessory and LED light works in conjunction with the Android custom app which can also be compatible with an alarm clock. Users can then wake up to the scent of coffee in the morning. The flavor capsule scents are available in cartridges for $5, which lasts up to 100 puffs before requiring a refill.


For Android Developers, ChatPerf plans to release in-house apps. The apps will be compatible with Scentee. The Scentee SDK is also available for developers. Developers have brought to market pretty much any scent one could imagine. Whether as a novelty or aromatherapy, the scented smartphone concept is meant to be fun for all users.

A person scent is triggered by the brain’s limbic system and when used like Scentee, it could possibly affect consumer behavior while shopping or even evoke memory recall. These type of associations can be fun, impact the users surroundings and for businesses like Scentee’s Smartphone Notification accessory multi-sensory strategies can further enhance its products. The experience will have Android consumers the ability to emotionally connect while at the same type businesses can market its brand, product and build consumer loyalty.

The smartphone accessories market is very popular in Asia. These accessories are more like fashionable items for Android devices. The overall international market is growing. The trend is to find these smartphone items for purchase in consumer electronics stores, kiosks and fashion malls for brands.

Do you own a scented smartphone? Let us know if you think that smartphone sensors are interesting or not!

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