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Top Android Real Estate Apps

Nov 26, 2013 01:02 PM EST

Real Estate Apps can save time and are highly useful. Android users can find compatible real estate apps for all types of devices. The U.S. housing market is currently valued at an estimate of $10 trillion. Rising gas costs, concerns of commuting, real estate market impacts and retail consumer behavior have certainly made its mark in today’s world. Both organizations and consumers can benefit by using these helpful real estate apps available free at Google Play.

Zillow Real Estate App

The Zillow Real Estate App for Android offers the options to shoe for new homes, receive push notifications of new homes, save searches, view homes for sale or rent and more. Zestimate® offers home values & Rent Zestimates on 100+ million homes. Users can share homes via email and social media. Rentals and Mortgage apps are also available.

Zillow rental app makes searching for homes easy. Android users can download the free app via Google Play. The app allows users to adjust filters, use a Map search, Slide and tap to quickly find rental homes and more.


The Redfin real estate app is available to Android users with versions 2.2 and higher. Coverage is available in 30 US metro areas. The Redfin Real Estate App connects users through its Instant Updates on price changes and more.


Trulia’s mobile app for Android is available on Google Play or directly on the company website. The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets. The top-rated real estate app lets users keep track of homes via search while on the go. The GPS features allows users to search and locate homes for rent or sale, open houses or recently sold homes that are local to the user. Other features include swipe through high-res photo galleries and more.

The app for real estate and homes is a fast and convenient app to locate homes for sale and rent. Android users can source real estate listings directly from over 800 MLS’s-90% of listings refreshed every 15 minutes. Users can use the family friendly app to search nearby schools, homes for sale, open houses and more.

Home Finder

Home Finder Android app uses GPS to locate homes for sale and apartments for rent. Refine your search to anywhere in the US, with more search filters than any other real estate app. features unique functionality.

Convenience in the U.S. today is key. Examining the downturn of the economy, the real estate market has made significant impact on how we are living today. Real estate developers are building more walkable neighborhoods closer to public transportation and public shopping centers. It’s all about saving in the new and digital economy. 

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