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e-Signature Apps For Android

Nov 26, 2013 11:57 AM EST

The adoption of e-signatures is poised to take off. Gartner states, Mobile devices and applications that can support finger or stylus-based signing are also increasingly supported and can add contextual evidence to a transaction. For example, geolocation data can be added when made available, and camera-equipped devices can support adding signers' photographs to the data stored as part of the transaction. Users can benefit using Android apps that offer digital signing through experiencing better efficiencies, meeting integration needs, user convenience and more.

Below is a list of top Android e-Signature Apps:

SIGNificant Signature Capture

The Significant Signature Capture for Android app offers a natural signing experience. Android users can sign on the screen with their signature displayed instantly. The app fully supports Android-powered tablets that work with an active stylus pen. Tablets include: Samsung Galaxy Note, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, HTC Jetstream and HTC Flyer.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader App for Android is available for free at Google Play. Android users using versions 2.3 and higher can view and interact with PDF documents for their mobile devices. Adobe Reader digital signature app features also include: PDF types, including PDF Portfolios, password-protected documents, fillable forms, LiveCycle and mroe.

Adobe Reader

Digital Signature Creator

Digital Signature Creator app for Android allows users to create their own digital signatures for documents such as PDF, Word files and more. The features include realistic pen effects and handwritten fonts. Signatures can be sent via SMS and email to clients via an Android phone. The app is a time saving service available free at Google Play.

Fill and Sign PDF Forms

Fill and Sign any PDF forms for Android integrates AcroFields. Users can Attach photos, save created document, view it, mail it, share it, etc. Select PDF forms by navigating in file browser or by clicking on 'Fill and Sign' context.

Sign Easy

Sign Easy is an app for Android smartphones and tablets. Ideal as a travel app for business travelers, users can import documents from Email, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote or other apps supporting “Export” or "Send To" functionality. Advanced features include importing documents and purchasing document credits for more services.

Digital Signature

Digital Signature Android app available to Android users 2.2 and higher. The free application is simple and easy to use. Android users can use a digital signature and embedded to any document that needs to be signed. Users also have the option of choosing a different pen size or different pen colors.

The trend for e-Signatures and Android apps reaches to enterprise adoption. According to Gartner, client inquiries on the topic of electronic signature doubled during the last two years. Consumers and businesses are expected to adopt e-signatures for the near future. Growth industries include banking, insurance and government.

How is your organization using e-signature apps?

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