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Small Business Apps For Android

Nov 22, 2013 11:19 AM EST

There are many Android apps to support millions of small businesses. There are growth markets thriving such as Android mobile which provide cost savings options. These apps can offer convenience and meet challenges that are faced by small businesses. Take a look at some of our recommended small business applications.

Small Business Apps for Android:

PayPal Here

PayPal Here’s mobile app for Android lets users accept credit cards and PayPal payments and card reader. Users have access to PayPal payments and can send invoices from the app. Location, Network and WiFi permissions are requested for location determination; Camera permission is requested for various features.



The Skype App for Android offers instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free. Skype is popular, with over millions of worldwide users. The app allows users to call friends and talk with fingers. Chat messaging is also enabled and social sharing connects for an even more personal experience. Video messaging is also enabled for the free app.

UPS Mobile

UPS Mobile App is available free on Google Play. Available for Android versions 2.2 and higher, UPS Mobile lets users manage shipments with features for tracking and locations without logging in. Registrations is available for My UPS ID or login through Facebook to nickname shipments and take advantage of UPS My Choice features.


SeatGuru App is a “Seat Guru” for travelers. Android users can search for flight seats. The app also allows travelers to search for low airfare. The SeatGuru(R) app acts as a hub stop for finding data on airplane seating advice, in-flight information and airline recommendations. Users have access to over 700 seat maps from up to 350 airlines.

Facebook Pages

The Facebook Pages Manager App connects and admin multiple Pages. Small Business can admin pages and access similar features from the website such as posting photos, updates and commenting on pages. Android users can also upload photos to albums and view analytics.

eFax Mobile

eFax Mobile App for Android is a free fax solution for smartphones and tablets. Features include creating and sending faxes, cloud storage, sign and annotate electronically. add digitized signature, scan documents and more. Faxes can be printed using Google Cloud Print. Export faxes as PDF files to your device or cloud storage service.

Avast! Mobile Security Antivirus

Avast! Software provides high-end security for Android smartphone and tablet devices. The antivirus software can detect dangerous apps, notify of potential threats and includes anti-theft. The web-based phone locate feature installed can notify Android users of a lost phone. Its anti-theft capabilities ensure data safety. Users can conduct virus scan even while they sleep. The popular antivirus app is available for free download at the Google Play Store.

Google Maps

Google Maps app is the perfect destination for Android users to find new places, favorites with Google Maps. The app is available on Android phones and tablets. A voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation is available. Users can also take advantage of using the app for biking, walking and public transit directions. A 360-degree Street View feature is also found. Google’s newest location features connects friends via a map on Google+ for Android users.

Convenience is key. According to Capital One’s second quarter 2013 survey Spark Small Business Barometer, small businesses in the United States economic environment is expected to gauge economic, financial and business conditions throughout the rest of the year.  This in combination with the economy today, has made a dramatic after effect on American behavior, overall American consumer behavior, spending habits and lifestyle changes.

The small business outlook towards the right market, trends and technologies for small business will see success. The small business’ opportunity to reach more consumers is there. Having a strong understanding of small business behaviors, customer needs and how it impacts their purchasing decisions is crucial. Success is driven by understanding. The ability to understand is important in the process as well expanding the small business network.

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