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Pebble Smartwatch for Android Review

Nov 19, 2013 04:15 PM EST

Pebble unveiled its latest updates earlier this month. New software tools will be available for Android developers. The company has been able to connect its fitness and health device to both consumer and developer. The SDK includes motion and gesture tracking for its Pebble applications. The latest developer functionalities will improve consumer experience. The company also added new social apps Yelp and Foursquare for developers.

The modern Pebble Smartwatch was designed to be an easy to use device. The smartwatch acts as an alternate screen for the Android smartphone. Pebble Smartwatch is priced at $150. Users have option to display messages, notification and control their own music. The smartwatch market is poised to go mainstream. The global watch industry estimates to be valued at $60 billion in sales in 2013.  Pebble has remained innovative within the sector.

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Developers of wearable apps can access the Pebble Android Intent API. Android developers can use push notifications. An SDK allows Android developers to write applications for the smartwatch. Android developers have a promising platform with smartwatch. But while the only viable headset is Google’s still-in-beta Glass, smart watches and smartwatch apps have arrived. Early devices such as Pebble will help define what will evolve for wearables.

The smartwatch runs on Android 2.3.3+ and is 1.26-inch 144 × 168 pixel black and white. Pebble features  ultra low power "transflective LCD" with a backlight. The device also includes light sensors and a three-axis accelerometer. The phone comes with a magnetic charger cable. The connector is a standard USB connected to the main cable.

Pebble has over 1 million app downloads. The Pebble app includes apps pre-installed. There is a distance, cycling, golf rangefinder app and more. The apps are used to notify users of notifications which comes to the wrist. Notification include music controls, fitness check, watch faces and more. The device also has Bluetooth 4.0.

Pebble SDK supports Pebbles and smartphones running Android via the AppMessage framework. The device is easy to use. There are only a few buttons to push to control the smartwatch. Interacting with the watch is simple.

The smartwatch creates new and unique experiences for Android consumers. Smartwatch revenue growth has been at an all time high. About 1.2 million digital watches will be sold this year, generating $370 million in sales, stated ABI Research. It is forecasted that sales may jump more than 20-fold by 2015.

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