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American Airlines Android App

Nov 18, 2013 05:44 PM EST

The American Airlines Android App for Android is a must have travel app for any traveler. The user friendly, convenient application will save data information for its users. Data such as accessing information to mobile boarding passes, location monitoring, tracking elite status, playing games, setting parking reminders and more. The easy to use app allows Android users conveniences by just swiping and tapping personal travel information.

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American Airlines Android App will allow users to have control of their experience. "By definition, our customers are mobile, and are increasingly reliant on mobile devices that enable them to stay well connected wherever they are," stated Monte Ford, Senior Vice President – Technology and Chief Information Officer. “The main strategy for developing mobile apps is to provide real-time information for our customers,” said Phil Easter, director of mobile apps at American Airlines, Dallas, TX.

With the rapid adoption of WiFi for airlines, Android mobile devices are contributing to aircraft becoming even more connected than before. Android tablets and smartphone devices will allow American Airlines to further improve its business models by allowing Airlines to connect to these technologies. The company is highly passenger-centric.

According to a recent Airbus report, Air traffic has doubled every 15 years in the past, and is expected to double again in the next 15. It rebounded each time demand was slowed by shocks, such as the 2008 global financial crisis. American Airlines updated Android apps will evolve as the company adopts to more emerging technologies. American Airlines is also one of the major airlines that have recently confirmed FAA approval for devices. The approval was announced earlier this month on November 6. The company aims to continue enhancing its apps for Android and innovate its technologies for mobile devices.

For American Airlines, mobile apps and embracing new technologies delivers more opportunities in the travel industry today. Passengers have the ability to arrange travel information online, connect with a customer service expert and track statuses using their mobile banking app. The economic climate has resulted in increased pressure for airlines to retain loyal customers. Securing greater customer loyalty can be substantial.

American Airlines' Android mobile app is free to download at Google's Play Store.

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