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Google Analytics App

Nov 17, 2013 05:42 PM EST

The latest version of the Google Analytics App for Android are made for users to stay even more connected. The Android app for Google Analytics was downloaded over 700,000 times to date. Google Analytics new app can be downloaded at Google Play. The functionality has been updated as well as adding in more reporting tools. Google Analytics App also is redesigned with new visualizations. Key metrics and real time reporting are also enabled.

Google Analytics also allows for new insights derived from the apps install base. When organizations learn more of their users, they can more easily integrate Analytics with the Google Play Developer Console. These types of data together can assist with monetizing engagement data such as advertisements and in-app products. The Google Play Referral Flow gives access to report details of individual campaigns. It measures user traffic and can be viewed in Google Play. The Google Analytics SDK for Android can be downloaded and integrated in the app.

Google Analytics

Analytics organizations that tend to be more advanced versus other non-analytics organization sectors can benefit from profit gains up to 6 percent higher than their competitors. By implementing accurate efficient models, innovation can develop from analyzing key areas such as customer experience and customer behavior. For enterprises, these models reach across millions of direct consumers through mobile channels, call centers, websites, retail and more.

Google Analytics

The potential to detect triggers in internal problem areas is also there. Organizations must work hard to overcome any data-driven analytics implications found in which their data can lead to new model implementations and customer profitability. It is obvious that these issues must be addressed in a timely manner. The best strategic plans and investments toward advanced analytics, tools, models and data information will be on the cutting edge to thrive.

Google has a market cap of $211.4 billion. Google’s digital marketing focuses in video remarketing and dynamic retargeting technologies. Technologies include Google+, Google Analytics, mobile advertising, video ads on YouTube, and Google Adwords. Google has realized that they need to take responsibility for multiple revenue streams for content delivered through their platform, both the end-consumer paying and through advertising.

Web analytics is still strong as ever. With developments in more data and search the opportunities for analytics is substantial. Developers for Android which apply advanced analytics can help its sales and ROI. Also improved were customer loyalty and satisfaction and, in turn, increase revenues and profits. The analytics technology should deliver for the executive proper decision support to help make informed decisions quickly.

Being keen to relevancy of risk management within this sector, the organization should be able to establish the short-term value of leveraging advanced analytics, than latter in the process being able to invest in longer-term value without fear of risk or failure. Organizations that invest in analytics software that integrates across all marketing channels can use data to competitive advantage.

How is analytics being used today in your organization?

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