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Android Developers, Salaries Grow in 2014

Nov 15, 2013 11:14 AM EST


Companies are paying top dollar for experienced Android developers. The market for application development and software architect salaries continue to rise. The top sectors rising include software development, programming and engineering. Android developers are expected to see salary increases to up to 8 percent through 2014.

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The careers in software development are forecasted to be steady in growth in terms of salaries. Specialized skills which are in demand include: SharePoint, Java, PHP, C#,  .NET, Cisco, Linux and Unix admins. Other skills for today include: Node.js, Scala, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C++, Rails, Objective-C and more. Android developers should have a clear understanding of the business model.

Salary increases for Android developers have been substantial. Over the past two years, companies have reported seeing up to 20 percent salary increases for software development jobs. Bonuses have been reported to range from $5,000 to up to $25,000 for executives.

Choosing the right company and technologies are key insights for Android developers looking to change careers or begin a new career now. The market still remains competitive. An organization may look for the top talent who can deliver desired skills,  fast response to BI questions and building competitive advantage, performance improvements.

According to the U.S Labor Department, gains of 204,000 workers reached the month of October while there was a 163,000 increase in the month of September. The jobless rate rose to 7.3 percent from an almost five-year low. Better education is significant to future growth. Creating future valid options to help drive growth will benefit to this area as well continuing to prove in the technology / educational field its effectiveness. CIOs budgets have been increasing.

Android OS trends involve the entire full life cycle of app development. Typical skills for an Android developer  is high level experience in Linux, development as well being proficient in Java. Today‚Äôs Android developers should have knowledge of the Android platform APIs, SDK, Hacker, Toolchain as well app development for Google Play.

Expect a new Android development career to earn a salaries of over $100,000 a year in top U.S. markets. 

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