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Google Cloud Endpoints Update

Nov 13, 2013 03:08 PM EST


Google recently announced a New Cloud Endpoints Update. The New Google Cloud Endpoints update for Mobile Developers objective is to ease coding issues. The new endpoints will offer mobile developers more convenience to integrate apps with Google’s APIs. Cloud endpoints provide a critical infrastructure which takes away from manual work for developers. According to Tzachi Ben-Ayoun, Google Product Manager, “As a mobile application developer, some projects demand building your own back-end, while others can move faster with a ready-made solution,” “Two updates we are making to Google Cloud Platform help you with either scenario.”

Google Cloud Endpoints also has moved to General Availability. This move is in efforts to better help mobile developers with back end integration. The latest version for  Mobile Back-end Starter is available. The version supports Android for larger media files. The updated version will also be easier for Android clients. The Generally Available is in a multi-platform, multi-client and multi-screen format.  Google Cloud Endpoints was provided to help better serve APIs from App Engine.


Google Cloud Endpoints is a offering of libraries, tools and the right functionalities that allow mobile developers to generate APIs and client libraries. The API backend eases client data access. Through important infrastructures like OAuth 2.0 authentication eliminate excessive work.

Server Side Annotation Language

The server side annotation language provides simple annotations for back end developers. Android developers can convert native Java and Python code into APIs. Deployed APIs are scalable, resilient and can be deployed for Android. Google APIs offer key features such as DoS protection, OAuth support and client key management.

Mobile Backend Starter Update

Mobile Backend Starter (MBS) is a simple one-click mobile backend for Google Cloud Endpoints. The client-side framework is built for for Android. The App Engine, client library and sample app for Android offer convenient data access. Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) support is also available  for Android and support for Google Authentication.

For developers, Google Cloud Endpoints update is to make it easier for development. MBS can handle larger files. A ready-made solution will make the client development process faster. Google Cloud Endpoints moving to General Availability and the new version for Mobile Backend Starter will more conveniently support developers.

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