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CM comes stock on limited Oppo N1

Nov 12, 2013 06:20 PM EST

Chances are you’ve never heard of Chinese manufacturer Oppo. The company is one of Guangdong’s many electronics firms and produces items like Blu-ray players, eBooks, LCD-TVs and the new N1 smartphone.

Despite already boasting a “revolutionary rotating camera,” the N1 has a feature sure to set it apart in the U.S. from the dozens of Android smartphones it will almost certainly never compete against: official support for CyanogenMod.   

“The CyanogenMod team has tailored their software to specifically support all of the unique features of the OPPO N1 including the O-Touch back touch panel, O-Click Bluetooth remote control, the revolutionary rotating camera, and also unique features from ColorOS such as double tap to wake and screen-off gestures,” the company said in a press release.

“To perfect the OPPO N1 further, OPPO partnered with CyanogenMod, the world’s most popular aftermarket Android operating system, to give users a choice in the software they run on their OPPO N1. A limited supply of OPPO N1 devices will ship running CyanogenMod.”

That’s right: CyanogenMod out of the box. The N1 CyanogenMod Edition is slated to roll out internationally in December, but it will probably be a bit tough to find stateside. The price isn’t cheap either – around $570. Since the stock recovery tool supports CyanogenMod anyway, you’re probably better served buying the regular edition N1 and flashing a custom CM build yourself.

“Non-limited international OPPO N1 devices ship with OPPO’s ColorOS system, and will support the installation of CyanogenMod directly from the OPPO N1 stock recovery without the user needing to root and install a custom recovery. In addition, it will come pre-loaded with CyanogenMod making it easy to flash CyanogenMod directly without downloading or transferring any files.”

It’s unclear if the Oppo N1 might eventually be available with a subsidy through a domestic carrier, or what ColorOS is, but the phone is currently available through Amazon, as well as the company’s own web store at the full sticker price. We’ll stick to the ROM guides for now.

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