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Best Android Travel Apps for 2013

Nov 12, 2013 04:18 PM EST


Droid Report’s best Android Travel Apps for 2013 is here. Our best travel apps list is for any type of traveller. These apps are sure to provide Android users with quality travel information, up to date themes in travel, recommendations for destinations, visuals, navigation, health help and much more. Enjoy the refreshing story and happy downloading!

Droid Report’s best Android Travel Apps for 2013 List:

Skype Wi-Fi

Skype Wi-Fi for Android App offers Android users over 1 million WiFi hotspots anywhere in the world. The app also offers Skype Credit available for purchase and to use. Skype is popular for reducing data roaming costs. The one connect feature lets Android users browse the internet, use Skype, connect to social media sites Facebook, Twitter, check emails, upload data and more. The Skype WiFi app is completely free to download. Existing users can already sign in with their Skype account. The app is running Android 2.2 and higher.


SeatGuru App is a “Seat Guru” for travelers. Android users can search for flight seats. The app also allows travelers to search for low airfare. The SeatGuru(R) app acts as a hub stop for finding data on airplane seating advice, in-flight information and airline recommendations. Users have access to over 700 seat maps from up to 350 airlines which include United, Delta, American Airlines, US Airways, JetBlue, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Air Canada, Qantas, Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines, ANA, Alaska Airlines and more. The app also offers flight status alerts.

Ritz-Carlton Hotels

Ritz-Carlton Hotels App for busy travelers offer a similar interface app design to compliment its main website. Additional app highlights include concierge tips and navigation to all of its hotels. The app acts as a personal reservationist. Android users can make online reservations, connect with concierge, find a QR scanner tool and obtain information on any hotel property worldwide.


Minube App for Android features recommendations from more than 500,000 travellers. This community based app shares information about local restaurants, destinations and places for travelers to stay. Travelers can enjoy discovering over thousands of destinations around the globe. The app also lets users engage in real time while on the go traveling. Android users can also collaborate with friends and add travel destinations to a custom list or get creative with collaboration with friends on making travel guides. The app also includes personal profiles where users can admin settings such as adding in a photo or follow others in Minube’s community.


The TripAdvisor App is used by over millions of users. The app has a plethora of travel data. Android users can expect to find information on maps, reviews, opinions by travelers, travel photos, hotel booking options, flight booking options, restaurant search and more. The community based app features Travelers' Choice award winners establishments within its search directories. Near Me Now allows Android users to discover directions to places.

Around Me

Around Me App is for Android users 4.2 version and higher. The free app on Google Play provides access to many types of local information. Around Me is integrated with Augmented Reality features. Users can use local searches for all over the world. The GPS built in directions give Android users a choice of destination. The app also translate in various languages.

iTriage Health

The iTriage Health App has over 1 million installs. Founded by two ER docs, this app is perfect when you are traveling on the go. Save time and obtain useful medical information such as locating treatment centers in the area, finding local doctors quickly and research medical symptoms. The app also relays information such as the typical wait times for ER facilities and Urgent Care centers. Health data such as emergency hotlines, a medical dictionary tool, discount programs available and access to the users personal health record can also be found.

Jet Lag Rooster

Jet Lag Rooster App is for overseas travels who are prone to jet lag. The Jet Lag Rooster  app is a free app with a scientific edge. Android users can customize a jet lag experience and plan. The objective of the plan will relay information on how to best reduce jet lag. The data is based on scientific research. The useful app can also be personalized to the users sleep schedule. The app also releases data of light exposure sensitivities to the body which can impact the users body clock to help minimize jet lag. The app will then recommend best time for sun exposure..

Xe Currency

Xe Currency App lets Android users convert world currency. The free app converts every world currency. Real time proprietary currency rates, stores and chart data is also offered for offline internet use. The app has had over 14 million downloads. Its proprietary rates refresh for users every minute.


The TripIt App will help you travel “stress free.” TripIt is compatible with over 3,000 booking sites. Android users can organize travel plans using TripIt® from Concur. Users simply have to just forward confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com. The TripIt app will immediately create daily itinerary for the trip. Users can also sync trip plans with Google Calendar or Outlook.

What are your upcoming travel plans and what Android travel apps are you taking with? Here are some additional travel apps for Android travelers: The Weather Channel App, Gate Guru App, Starwood Hotels SPG App, Metro World Subway Maps App for Android, FlightTrack App, American Airlines App for Android, Google Translate, Uber Apps, Trip Journal App and Zagat. Please check back at Droid Report for more new travel apps coming soon.

Feel free to share your favorite Android travel apps with us here!

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