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Chegg Android App Transforms K-12 Learning With Digital Textbooks

Nov 12, 2013 04:13 PM EST

Android is transforming with digital textbooks for the 21st century. Students using mobile devices now have greater opportunities to connect in classrooms. K-12 learning is adopting Android smartphones and tablets resulting in an overall impact of how users work and live with mobile. The company also integrates several digital mobile apps.

Chegg offers Digital Textbooks compatible with Android tablets and smartphones. Android users can access purchased eTextbooks. The navigation also connects to interwebs. Chegg runs on a 2.3 or higher for Android. The company offers over 100,000 eTextbooks for Android devices and many other digital book services.

Google Play even rolled out a new addition to its store last August. Google now allows Android users to rent or purchase digital textbooks from its Books section. Android users can expect the best publishing partners from Google. Google’s digital textbooks can download instantly. The Google Play Books app offers search tools such as dictionaries and translation tools.

Google / Wiley

Chegg Textbook Reader is designed as pages in textbook style. Students are able to highlight the text, custom add notes within the margins, reader self highlights notes into study guides and students can save notes for reference. Integration tools are in html, easy and simple to use. Chegg’s Homework Help is an add on which students are able to connect directly to Chegg Reader. The integration with Homework Help provides engagement and social interaction.

The Chegg Community allows students to ask questions and interact online. A new highlight feature allows Chegg students to view online passages of the book chosen and selected within community. The Chegg Reader is free with remote access wherever, whenever. Chegg's digital books as students place an order of their textbook rentals, pay $0.99 to get a digital copy of the book for seven days while waiting for a print copy. Chegg's consumers are for the digital student looking to save money on cost of buying textbooks. Chegg's personalized services tool is a 24/7 expert study help which allows students to ask questions and get an answer from an expert in the area.

Chegg had filed in August for a $150 million IPO offering. The company’s revenue was $117 million as of earlier this year. American Express is also involved in a partnership with Chegg. Amex will launch a new upcoming campaign to promote a college book buyback program. Electronic refunds in a prepaid AMEX account will be partnered with Chegg through the company's Serve program. The American Express campaign will be active through 2013 and 2014.

Creating strong business partnerships will come a long way towards Chegg's growth opportunities.  Digital online advertising is a significant part of Chegg's business model. Chegg also connects students with research scholarships, courses and study guides. Chegg partners with RedBull, Microsoft, NastyGal and more.

Chegg also acquired six higher-education companies. The company has also been in a partnership with educational institution OpenStax College, run by Rice University, and the Twenty Million Minds Foundation the company will be progressing in textbooks. This is an important year for open-source models.

Chegg is highly popular with college students. There are also traditional textbook sellers in partnership scholarships and reduced fees programs. Chegg affiliates with association's of 3,000 members that offer rental programs with savings. Chegg's further strategic plans involve improving the user experience on its various products, services and customer experience improvements. For the long-term, thinking about the role internet-enabled platforms will play in the lives of consumers for students drives new innovations.

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