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Android and BYOD

Nov 12, 2013 04:15 PM EST

Today, even more employees bring their Android mobile devices to work. The BYOD strategies are significantly impacting the world and business culture. This is a movement that has been the most radical compared to all previous decades. BYOD adoption allows new mobile opportunities for Android.

Organizations can benefit from employee satisfaction and cost savings. Management that can put trust in telecommuting will make the best culture. Soft skills and embracing change benefits companies. Looking into creating an ideal work environment that cultivates such skills would is highly beneficial.

Android devices such as the tablet have more savings in its hardware than iPad. Android mobile devices are also being chosen as a preferred choice over apple for its enterprise tablets which cater to more vertical applications. These areas include field service and asset management.The Android hardware model is better than iPad.


Challenges are present with organizations and CIOs with the acceptance of Android devices mainly due to security concerns. The risk also is in areas where IT administrators are faced with security challenges regarding network resources and company data. Concerns also arise with the current lack of management policies within an enterprise. Mobile initiatives are still in development amongst executives.

Earlier this year, Symantec reported that a fake app store had stolen users personal data from Android devices. Between 75,000 and 450,000 bits of personal data were taken. A second incident was also reported for security being compromised in Google Play. Google Play is linked to third-party apps and Android is malware in the store. According to Symantec, “Today our automated system flagged yet another example of a misleading application that was posted on the Google Play store. The application, named Next Launcher 3D Pro, purports to be a free version of the legitimate app Next Launcher 3D, which can also be found on the Google Play store.  On investigation, an immediate tell-tale sign of something not being right about this app can be seen. The publisher of the legitimate version, Go Launcher Dev Team, is different than the publisher of the supposed free version, TuranPercin. On installing the fake version of the app, the user is presented with a screen asking them to view some offers before receiving the app for free.” Google reported that by using “Google Bouncer,” it is working on improving security.

The shift to BYOD will forever impact the way the workforce thinks about mobility.According to Gartner, “38 percent of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2016.”  It is important that organizations take the correct steps towards adopting BYOD strategies, security and corporate policies.

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