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Thanksgiving Android Cooking Apps

Nov 10, 2013 07:56 PM EST


Thanksgiving Android cooking apps are the perfect compliment to the upcoming holiday. The holiday is just around the corner and what better way to use your Android smartphones or tablets as tools for modern Thanksgiving cookbooks, recipe finders, find Turkey images and more. Droid Report comprised a list of the best “Turkey” or cooking Android apps for everyone to enjoy!

Below is a list of Thanksgiving Android Cooking Apps you can use each and every year:

Food Network App

The Food Network App features all your favorite chefs and offers thousands of recipes. Android users can cook with top chefs like Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri. The award winning app lets you add new recipes, add a shopping list, look at photos, search for your recipes and save favorite recipes. The app is wonderful for Thanksgiving as it lets you find idea recipes just for the season. The App is compatible with versions Android 2.2 and higher. App

The App has more than 40,000 recipe videos so you are sure to find great Thanksgiving dishes to select right here. The Android app is free to download. This app offers every type of cuisine available. Users can find anything from Italian, Southern, Chinese, Latin and lots more. App

Epicurious App

The Epicurious App is a popular cooking app with currently over 8 million downloads. Use the app this upcoming Thanksgiving day to browse for epicurious recipes and even put together your own shopping list. The Android mobile app is free to download. The android smartphone allows you to conduct voice recognition searches, search for all kinds of recipes and Android users can even put a “Recipe of the Day” on the devices home screen.

Ratio App

The Ratio App is an ingredient calculator for Android. Inspired by the chef himself, Michael Rulhman’s app it sure to integrate while in your kitchen and preparing your meals. Android users can calculate ingredients and prepare with useful app tools such as a gram-once converter and storage for recipes. Ratio is based on his best selling cookbook and also integrates with a blog.

Jamie Oliver App

The Jamie Oliver App streams cooking videos right from your Android Phone. There are new recipes like grilled mackerel, lamb chops, bacon & mushroom tagliatelle for special occasions to use. The high resolution videos can stream to Android users smartphone or tablet.

Dirty Kitchen Cooking Timer App

The Dirty Kitchen Cooking Timer App is a interactive cooking timer app for the Thanksgiving cook. The Android virtual kitchen interface keeps you organized with timers. The app hosts four timers which can simultaneously be displayed as an interactive 3D layout.  Modern ring tones can also play genres like classical music to electronic sounds. Android users will enjoy this 3D and interactive app for holiday cooking season.

Food on the Table App

Food on the Table App is the ideal app for Android users who have little ones. This family app was rated the "Best Back-To-School Apps for Parents" according to Parents Magazine. Over 1 million families connect to the Android app. Users can enjoy coupons and savings from more than 16,000 grocery markets. The Food on the Table App offers a variety of features. Android users can search for sales, look for kid friendly meals, put together a personalized healthy grocery list, use tools like a shopping list template, customize menus, reminders and more.

Don’t forget to download on your Android phones the official 2013 87th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Mobile App for the upcoming holiday. The app lets you interact with favorite characters and gives you a behind the scene preview of the parade. A lot of real-time features are found on this app including Macy’s legacy balloons!

Follow the office Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2013 by downloading the Android App on Google Play.

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