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Top Android Apps For Your Heart

Nov 08, 2013 10:31 AM EST


Android Apps help monitor and prevent heart disease. Heart disease claims approximately 1 million lives each year. It is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. According to the American Heart Association, by 2020, heart disease will be the leading cause of death throughout the world.

Here is a list of the best Android Health Apps for your Heart:

iCardio App

The Android iCardio app features an multiple use exercise tracker. The app can monitor any type of outdoor or indoor fitness activity. The app has GPS data so Android users can track distance, time and speed. The app also tracks calories burned with enabled voice communication. also syncs in with the app.

iCardio App on Google Play

Instant Heart Rate App

Instant Heart Rate App uses the Android smartphones built-in camera. The app then is able to track by color changes through the pulse of the users finger tip. Heart rate measurements and  real time PPG graph is enabled.

Endomondo App

Endomondo is a useful Android health app that integrates well with distance-based activity. The app is popular with over 20 million users on Google Play. Key features include, tracking duration, outdoor distance, speed and calories. It also gives back audio feedback and live pep talks. Android users can also view recent workouts in real time.

Stress Check App

Stress Check App can measure the Android users psychological or physical stress. The app can measure heart rate through the Android devices camera and light functions. The app lets users analyze heart rate variability (HRV).

Heart Beat Rate App

The Heart Beat Rate App leverages the Android users smartphone camera to act as a personal heart rate monitor. Its image analysis process provides real-time heart rate calculations, pulse signal display and measure mode.

Cardio Graph App

Cardio Graph App is an interactive app which allows users to have multiple people using the the app via shared device. The app is great for creating multiple profiles for friends, family members and colleagues.

Nike+ Running App

Nike+ Running App is enabled by a  GPS and accelerometer. Android users can easily and accurately record for tracking. The app also features in-run audio feedback. Widgets, Share Run and Cheer Me On make for an interactive experience. The  Nike+ Running Handset Supports the following Android devices for Google Play:  Motorola Droid2 Global,  HTC ThunderBolt,  HTC Incredible2, HTC My Touch 4G Slide, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S.

Digital health apps and telemedicine as a technology is helping all areas of medicine. Expansion will help prove further areas of success. Wide adoption of telemedicine and distance learning should benefit health care while simultaneously reducing costs, aiding to limited resources, staffing and reduced budget across many specialties in medicine. Being able to grow to global collaboration as the objective and include more partnerships and service providers is important. The vision should be there to have successful adoption to connect and to collaborate users.

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