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PEAR Android Training App Review

Nov 07, 2013 06:38 PM EST

PEAR Sports is bringing its training app to the Android platform. The platform currently offers over hundreds of training and workout plans. The company offers real time coaching designed as a system to transform fitness and health. In efforts to get people healthy, PEAR Android training app will allow Android users access to its system. Android users can also tap into a personalized  heart rate monitor with earphones made just for fitness.

"We want to share PEAR's ability to tailor workouts with more and more people, everyone from fitness fanatics to those getting off the couch for the very first time," stated Kristian Rauhala, President of PEAR Sports. "With our app now on both iPhone and Android, more people can experience the convenience and fun, whether their goals are simple weight loss, advanced strength training, or the next Boston Marathon."

PEAR Sports

The PEAR training app experience is interactive, includes complete workout and plan store, offers heart-rate-based coaching and third-party music compatibility. The app enables GPS tracking and social media through direct social sharing. Android users can view results in real time via the phones or through My Pear Sports cloud account.

There are many great systems like PEAR training app which leverages social channels that transfer heart disease prevention and heart health messages. Social tools provide a real time way to engage, interact and derive information. There are thousands of effective apps available today to better one's heart health as well mobile tools now available.

PEAR aims to be the best digital partner for Android users. The innovative experience allows users to track heart rate while being able to listen to music at the same time. The result is a personalized workout with real time coaching.  Included with the training app is its PEAR system, Bluetooth wireless heart-rate monitor, and earphones. Its online store offers a variety of workout plans and data that integrates with the app at my.pearsports.com.

Android users can download the app at My Pear Sports and Google Play. PEAR Android app is only available for Samsung Galaxy S4. The company plans to offer the app to other Android devices in the near future. The “training intelligence system” delivered  is definitely a unique replacement to not having an actual coach while fitness training at ones side. The PEAR training app is highly responsive and will basically substitute as a virtual coach. Audio coaching from PEAR includes popular coaches such as Matt Dixon to triathlon star Linsey Corbin. 

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