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Consumer Reports Rates Android and Samsung Higher Than iPhones

Nov 07, 2013 12:38 PM EST

Consumer Reports rated Apple's smartphones as second to Android. Consumer Reports CR testers compared the new mobile devices performance areas. Apple’s new iOS7 OS was not a winner compared to Android devices by Google. Google’s mobility resulted in better battery life, screens and displays. Consumer reports CR testers conduct a series of  extensive tests and rates devices according to usability, display, portability, quality and battery life.

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Consumer Reports Senior Editor Mike Gikas stated, “ Samsung Galaxy S 4's large display is just one example of what Android phones bring to the table. "Another advantage Android phones offer is how easily they can wirelessly share pictures, videos, and other files, with other devices nearby," The Galaxy S 4 can also be used as a remote, not just for your television but for your cable box as well. The HTC One is another Android phone that stands out. "There's a great deal of customization options when it comes to the software. The interface, for example: There are widgets that you can customize and have the phone really appear just the way you want it."

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is still a top-rated tested smartphone according to Consumer Reports. The Galaxy S4's 5-inch, 1080p touch-screen was a standout feature. The device offers many features for advanced users. Consumer reports also rated the Galaxy S4 high for its photo quality.

Consumer reports rated Droid Maxx well. The phone has a powerful battery 3300 mAh Li lon Polymer (embedded), sign of charge LED. Two additional new Droid phones Droid Ultra and Droid Mini were also rated as having exceptional battery life. Consumer Reports also highly rated the devices for its Google Now functionalities.

Over 50 percent of the smartphone market prefers an Android smartphone. Its good to know Android  is highly recommended by Consumer Reports. The new Android-based phones scored higher than iPhone 4S. Apple’s iPhone lagged in offering a more equipped battery and smaller display screen. Consumer Reports also confirmed that the iPhone 4 had problems with reception functionalities of the device. Its clear Apple is not quite up to par as Android is with its innovations.

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