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Pinteresting Android Widgets

Nov 07, 2013 12:29 PM EST

The Pinterest mobile app for Android devices now has Android Widgets. Pinterest apps are a custom platform for users to browse through boards and pins, rearrange pins, add in pins and admin account settings. Pinterest is a unique tool for users which was launched in 2010. The company has partnered with Telefónica last month to debut new Android Widget for Android tablets and mobile phones.

Android users can easily create a Pinterest account directly from the app. The process is fairly simple and only requires a few steps. Similar to the website, the Android app will showcase its home dashboard and give access to the user feed for those users are following.  Users can then use activities like pinning, searching and more.


Pinterest’s dashboard allows Android users to browse various themes. Everything can be found from humor, animals, brands and more.  On Android, a simple right swipe will allow information of categories to appear in a grid.

The Pinterest profile gives access to those who are following the user and the users followers. It will also give data on the users likes and what categories or pins are being re-pinned by others. The Android app consists of a custom Android Share option. The user can then "create a pin." Pins can be created directly from the Android app.

Pinterest Android Widgets

The new Android Widgets update will provide users an even fresher experience where they can use pins without even opening the Pinterest app. The widget appears directly on the users home screen. Offline access also allows users to view pins. Users can find the new widget installed as default on Telefónica’s newest phones.

Pinterest is working really hard to make sure its Android users can keep access on the go. The Widget is currently available for UK Telefónica (O2) subscribers. Pinterest plans to roll out to more countries before the end of this year. In a recent press statement by Pinterest, “As Pinterest reaches more people around the world, we want to bring a great experience that helps people find inspiration for the everyday projects in their lives, wherever they are.”

Pinterest is rapidly expanding as a company and aims to reach a global mobile audience. The company has experienced over 130 percent growth in its active monthly users from Latin America, U.S. and the UK since January of this year. Pinterest expects the new Android widget to bring more traffic and subscribers.

Pinterest is a great customized tool for those who enjoy visualizing and for planning things they love. Companies and people can use the app to create lists, pin things that are of inspiration or use it as a powerful branding tool. The Pinterest Android app and new widget update creates an even better experience for Android users.

Android users can enjoy the new “Pinteresting” Android Widgets as part of Pinterest’s Android app at Google Play

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