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Best Android Apps Of 2013

Nov 06, 2013 11:55 AM EST

Google Play has over 1 million apps available in its store. Users had downloaded 50 billion apps in 2013. The store definitely offers a variety of apps for any type of Android user. One of the best features with Google Play’s shopping experience is its navigation. Android users can select apps and receive title or app recommendations. It's also user-friendly by offering an instant install of any app selected, so Android users don’t have to manually add in apps.

Below is our list of recommended Android Apps for 2013:

Facebook for Android

Facebook is the popular social network where Android users can share the app, scroll through using side-scrolling previews and share photos via a dashboard. The newest version of the app is faster to keep up with connections, friends and offers easy to use messaging. Be sure to grab your Facebook app in the Android market!

Google Play

IMDb Movies & TV

The free IMDb app for Android users is the ideal app for movie and TV buffs. You can search the database to retrieve names of actors, shows and movies. Keep up with Hollywood while at the same time Android users can stay connected by searching for local movies and purchasing tickets. Over millions of titles are listed at IMDB.

Google Translate

Google Translate offers over 70 different languages users can translate from. The app is quick, user friendly and can save a lot of time through offering translation via the Internet. Special features such as camera input and Google Translate offline translation are also available for Android 2.3 and higher.

WebMD for Android

The WebMD for Android app is a reference app for any age group. Android users have 24/7 access to a variety of health data and tools. WebMD for Android decision-support tools include: WebMD’s Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings. Users to not have to be connected wirelessly.


Free Tumblr app interface is for posting lovers. Tumblr’s latest version supports animated GIFs. The sleek mobile app let’s Android users view the animated GIFs via the dashboard. Users can also create and share photo set together.


StumbleUpon feeds make it easy for Android users to view new Web content. Users can just single tap, follow other people and company brands. Android users can select from over hundreds of interests. StumbleUpon can also be used by swiping the Android device screen. Enjoy looking through personalized new photos, videos, and sites.


The Dictionary.com app is the #1 free english dictionary app. Key features include: Daily content including Word of the Day, blog & slideshows, Audio pronunciations, Idioms & phrases, Word origin & history, Voice search, Favorite words, Search history, Spelling suggestions, IPA and phonetic pronunciations and Commonly looked-up words mapped to specific locations.  The app has downloads for over millions of definitions and more are offered instantly to use. Android users can also access the app for offline.

Google Maps

Google Maps app is the perfect destination for Android users to find new places, favorites with Google Maps. The app is available on Android phones and tablets. A voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation is available. Users can also take advantage of using the app for biking, walking and public transit directions. A 360-degree Street View feature is also found. Google’s newest location features connects friends via a map on Google+ for Android users.


The online corkboard version site of Pinterest for Android app users is a popular way to collect and share information. Used it to collect items that people love, app users can organize and plan for projects, and more.


Google+ app lets Android users join in communities and follow others. The mobile version has a great design and intelligent interface. Animated images make for an interactive experience as users use the app to connect to the world.

We will be updating this list on a frequent basis. Look for new apps and reviews for the Google Play store at Droid Report. Google Play has a plethora of apps, games and more. These apps are always available for Android users with no syncing required.  Be sure to check out the latest top new Android apps found at Google Play.

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