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Facebook Tests Messenger Version for Android

Nov 03, 2013 12:38 PM EST

Facebook recently announced the testing of a“faster, reliable and lightweight” Facebook Messenger version for Android. With the new version, Facebook Messenger will bring Android users its same functionalities.

“For the mobile-to-mobile experience, it’s important that we’re fast, reliable and dependable,” Facebook product manager Peter Martinazzi stated in a recent interview.

Android users will be able to message both Facebook friends and non-Facebook friends. The new features for Android proposed a future update that will connect users even more through using Facebook and mobile devices.

The mobile to mobile Android version will use the Facebook app, which includes the Messenger icon. Facebook is testing the New Messenger Experience next to the person’s name. When the user sees the friend's name on the Messenger icon, it indicates that friend is also active on Facebook Messenger app followed by a user notification. Friends who are on messenger will be indicated by a blue messenger badge. Friends who are on chat will be on a separate Active tab. Notification setting are also available and can be adjusted.

Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook Messenger for Android app offers a tabbed user interface. Users can use swipe movement to scroll left and right. Messaging and setting can also be viewed. Avatars with Chat Heads are also included with Facebook Home for select Android devices. The new user interface is more convenient and simple navigation.

Mobile Messaging

Internal tools with social media for sites such as Facebook have allowed organizations to host their profiles, customize social media experience and engage with customers. Having knowledge of these platforms and the tools offered, being able to adapt to the innovations is a key skill in being able to capitalize on digital platforms for social.

Facebook stated it will be testing this new experience with a limited number of people using Messenger for Android. We are all eager to see how the outcome will turn out with the application’s potential to be offered to all Android users and platforms. SMS messages will also be removed with the new update. Facebook Messenger launched last December. The Messenger was available to Android users in South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, India and Venezuela. Messages had been delivered via the Facebook recipients messages inbox without mobile installation.

Facebook aims to be part of the consumer experience through smartphone messaging. A lot of competition exists today to faster, more reliable, social, loyal and unique to application platforms for ROI. The best mobile sites should optimize accordingly to make sure consumers receive the best experience. Customer engagement draws customers in by messaging that is targeted to them in real-time. The customer communication objectives are met by allowing the app to connect through localized messaging. App users experience relevant content that directly impacts them. Engagement is a crucial element to consumers. This begins with having the best mobile app.

Facebook Messenger Version for Android can be found at the Google Play Store.

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