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Smartsheet, a SaaS Android App

Nov 03, 2013 12:24 PM EST

With mobile growth, SaaS providers such as Smartsheet are launching apps for Android. Business today is emerging as “mobile-dependent.” The company offers a spreadsheet-inspired collaboration tool to Android and iPhone users. Smartsheet recently stated, “Our team is very mobile, working with clients onsite negotiating leases and managing construction projects at commercial properties across seven states,” said Martin Stever, president of Pacific Land West, LLC. “Having all project details at our fingertips in Smartsheet via our mobile devices is critical to productivity and ultimately the success of our business. The added flexibility of having the Android App is a tremendous benefit because it helps us focus on the work at hand, regardless of where we are or what device we choose to use.”

Smartsheet has over two million users around the world and recently launched the new Android app.

The Smartsheet Android app aims to offer an easy way for users to access project information, update work and share information in real time. Mark Mader, president and CEO of Smartsheet stated, “Our customers increasingly want access to Smartsheet from their mobile devices, as witnessed from the rapid adoption of our earlier versions. Mobile productivity is fundamental to workplace productivity and we’re excited to extend our native mobile offerings and give users the anytime access they expect from the apps they value most.”

Android Collaboration “On The Go”

The increase in mobile has Android users more interested than before to use Smartsheet mobile apps for running operational activities. Smartsheet is used to plan, organize and execute for various project areas that include marketing, business operations, strategy and Human Resource initiatives. Organizations are using Smartsheet Android apps to communicate to staff, access important information from their mobile devices at work, user Smartsheet with smartphone and tablet devices while they are on the go and more.

It is great to know more choices and Android applications are being offered to the market. Android applications for business. As more businesses adopt devices such as smartphones and tablets into the work environment, we can expect to see a significant increase of mobile apps being developed for the future. These type of apps help business stay flexible and connected anywhere in real time.

Smartsheet is presently being used in over 150 countries across the world. Mobile is rapidly growing within enterprise organizations and moving towards BYOD is increasing. Developers are recognizing how important it is to create the best user experience as the mobile apps market continues to grow. Smartsheet’s Android app is indeed valuable, “smart” and compelling by getting mobile users to connect right to their data in the workplace.

Check out the link where Android users can download the free app for Smartsheet Mobile!

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