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Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.1 To Support Android Tablets

Oct 31, 2013 04:31 PM EDT

Oracle Secure Global Desktop just added the new release to support Android Tablets as an extension to secure remote access to enterprise applications. Oracle’s Secure Global Desktop 5.1 offers security across its Oracle Applications and software which comes from Android Tablets. Oracle Secure Global Desktop already supports iPad Tablets and desktop browsers.

The release was announced today. Oracle Secure Global Desktop will enable IT organizations to provide its end users more flexibility with their Android devices. Android users can also now be authenticated by usage of LDAP queries. The existing user directory is then published to the users accordingly.

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Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president, Linux and Virtualization Engineering of Oracle stated, "By adding support for Android tablets and Google Chrome on Mac and PCs, the latest release of Oracle Secure Global Desktop provides end users with the ability to access enterprise applications from more devices than ever before," "Providing secure remote access to Oracle and other enterprise applications, all from the same device and without needing to re-write code, enables significant investment and time savings for customers."

Oracle Secure Global Desktop is a remote application solution. Desktop 5.1 will provide users with more convenient application access through their web browser. This will eliminate any separate installs for client software on the Android devices. Directory integration is also added with Oracle Unified Directory.

Tablets are expected to be a critical adoption to the enterprise work environment. BYO or bring-your-own tablets will be prominent in the workforce and markets such as developing countries. Employees are expected to purchase such tablets and can choose any type of device.

The next wave for enterprise tablet adoption will bring collaboration technologies together using multi-user tablet-style devices. Collaboration apps are also expected to play a role within the enterprise combined with multi-user collaboration. Forrester forecasts that tablets will reach an installed base of 905 million users by 2017. This growth — up from just 15 million users in 2010 — will catapult the tablet from merely a popular mass-market device to a highly visible mainstay device among consumers and businesses in developed nations.

The Android tablet support will improve the IT organization’s efficiency. The process is now streamlined where applications can be accessed remotely.. The HTML5 Android support offers secure access using its built-in web browser to applications. In this case, a client application is not needed to be installed on the Android tablet. 

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