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Nubo Is The World's First Workspace Running On Strictly Android's OS

Oct 29, 2013 04:38 PM EDT


Nubo is a new virtual Android remote workspace. The company recently launched last month its enterprise solution to the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era. Nubo created a virtual workspace for Android, resulting in all of its applications running on its internal servers.  Nubo users work with a remote server running on Android OS and can select from a very diverse range of over 1 million Android apps available.

BYOD mobility solutions today offer device management but with challenges. High maintenance systems and information consuming dual personas occur on mobile devices. Innovation is critical, creating a culture that supports BYOD processes, cultivates ideas and the required resources is important. Competition in BYOD is aggressive. Nobu’s Android applications and data that are run on Android OS versus on a device further benefit users by leveraging the same computing data, which typically is not offered on devices.

Nubo and Android Value

Nubo recognizes the Android value and virtual workspace to increase efficiency and agility. The company has worked to ease security complexities through its remote work environment. As the era transitions to BYOD, the shift to a remote work environment will require the right security measures.

Because Nubo provides a remote work environment, IT is free from the burden and responsibility of managing enterprise and private mobile devices. For the first time, organizations can leverage the flexibility and efficiency of BYOD policies without compromising user experience and security, or running into compatibility issues.

Android OS

Nubo operates on Android OS. The virtual workspace can operate on both iOS and Android devices, and for web browsers through its UX Over IP remote protocol display. The UX Over IP display is compatible with mobile sensors and native touch. The protocol is able to adapt to any display for the user to access remote workspace.

The workplace today is still in its initial stages of transitioning and accepting BYOD within the organizations. Nubo acts as an enabler. Through a virtual workspace, the organization can experience better productivity levels, higher security measures and efficiency. Embracing change is a benefit for any organization. Nobu’s virtual work environment has the ability cultivates such a culture which would be beneficial.

Google / Nobu Software

Nubo and Security

Acknowledging BYOD presents standards can boost confidence within today’s Android work environment. Trust and security combined is known to have dramatic results within an organization. Many changes occur due to industry regulations and corporate governance. It is a key indicator of how powerful a virtual workspace can be if organizations still must continue and learn to adapt, thrive and grow in these circumstances. CIOs take deep interest in such areas. Nobu’s technology solution of a virtual workspace is critical to enable such strategies.

Nubo’s security platform includes two-factor authentication. Information is stored on a device through a unique security token.  User’s applications and data information are authenticated. SSL encryption is secure for the Nubo platform and any user devices that may be connected.

Nubo is the world’s first remote work environment for Android and absolutely drives the trend in BYOD initiatives. The company is changing the business environment with IT using little management. Nubo virtual work environment running directly on an Android OS server is a tremendous time saving benefit.

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