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Sony SmartWatch 2 Android Review

Oct 29, 2013 01:36 PM EDT

Sony Smartwatch 2 is geeky, sleek and acts as a second screen for the Android 4.0 smartphones. This is Sony’s third smartwatch version. Sony Smartwatch 2's price is reasonable, currently at $199.95. The smartwatch supports many different types of Android smartphones. A lot of pressure lies with Sony Smartwatch 2 having to compete with other sophisticated devices such as Galaxy Gear, iWatch, Nike FuelBand SE and Fitbit Force, and devices such as these have competitive features -- some of which include being highly compact and lightweight in design.

The watch is a high quality waterproof device. It has a IP 57 rating. The watch also features a 1.6-inch touchscreen LCD that has a transflective backlight. The Smartwatch 2 comes with a black rubber strap and also offers colored versions of the rubber and leather straps. A 24-mm watch strap was designed so consumers are able to personalize the strap.

Google / Sony Mobile

Android Operating System

NFC and Bluetooth enabled, Android consumers are able to instantly download any software requested at the Google Play store. Android phones without NFC is compatible with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The Sony Smartwatch 2 is minimal in power with a 280MHz single-core processor in place. Battery life can last up to an average of four days with features full functioning.

The Smartwatch 2 is much like a classic Android platform, tablet or phone. A built-in app allows users to customize time settings and alarm. The rest of the apps (calendar, photos, music, social) have to be installed through Sony SmartConnect app, which is available in the Google Play store for free. The smartwatch is compatible with any Android phone version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher.

Key Specifications

  • 1.6in transflective LCD Screen, 220 x 176 pixels

  • 280MHz single-core processor

  • Bluetooth 3.0, NFC

  • Micro USB

  • 42 x 9 x 41 mm

  • 122.5g

  • IP57 rating

Sony Smartwatch 2 Features

The operational functions are quality and the potential for the phone is definitely there. Users are able to receive notifications and alerts to the device. The SmartWatch 2 communication capabilities can support various Android devices. NFC hardware for the smartwatch makes for even simpler use. It also has the ability to control music.

Sony Smartwatch 2’s overall performance is generally good. Consumers today are seeking flexibility in smartwatches. Revenue growth for this year has been significant. According to ABI Research, “1.2 million digital watches will be sold this year, generating $370 million in sales. It  may jump more than 20-fold by 2015.” For developers, the importance of intelligence in technologies is crucial for innovative devices such as the smartwatch.

Does Sony Smartwatch 2 have the potential to compete? We are curious to see how Sony will evolve with the smartwatch in order to compete with the existing design, performance and dependability areas that its competitors have already proven to possess. With the rise in such wearable technology giants -- and raising the bar -- Sony may not quite survive the race to win unless it seriously improves its features even more. Overall, from a consumer standpoint the device still rates quite well for its functionality.

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