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Digg Reader Android App Release Date: The Official Popular News Aggregator Is Here!

Oct 29, 2013 12:47 PM EDT


The new Digg Reader App for Android release date is available in the Google Play store. Digg, the favorite and popular news aggregator with close to 4 million monthly users, launched Digg Reader earlier this year. Digg recently stated, "This is our first Android release, and we'll be updating and improving it steadily over the next few months." The new Digg Reader App is great for mobile users on the go. The Android app release date was on August 29, 2013.

Digg Reader extension for Chrome

The Digg Reader is compatible for Google Chrome. This app saves Android users more time, by using only one click it opens Digg Reader in a new tab. Also, just one click notifies its users of unread items. The overall app design is clean and the performance is really fast. Existing users can transfer and set up easily with their Digg accounts. The free app is extremely user-friendly. The Digg Reader extension for Chrome makes it easy for Android users to subscribe to news feeds.

“Unread Mode” Debut

Digg’s “Unread Mode” for Android feature allows users to view unread items in Google Reader. Digg’s blog team wrote,“There are a few missing features we're still testing such as a 'Show Only Unread Items' view, text size and display mode options, and background updating.” "Like the Web version of Digg, the Android app includes up-to-the-minute stories from the Digg homepage as well as Digg Reader, all optimized for your Android device."

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RSS Competition

The Google Reader’s discontinuation for millions of its RSS users has spurred for more news consumption. This is a clear result of companies who now can take better advantage of market share. Many new app contenders have sprung up within the RSS reader market. Main app competitors in the RSS reader market include rivals such as AOL Reader, gReader and Feedly. Digg enters the market just in time after the closure of Google Reader.

There is opportunity for RSS to evolve. Digg’s Android and apps were developed to replace Google Reader. The company has worked to build relevant API features and enforce social networking with its apps. Digg has been receiving great reviews. For RSS app developers, the outlook for new RSS app development is in demand.

All of Digg’s favorite features are available in the new Android App. Digg Reader, Digg.com homepage stories and social media integration. Digg stories and the RSS reader are both combined together with the Android App. Updates are expected to be released in the upcoming months. There are already plenty of alternative Android apps available in this market. It is great to see more traction with companies such as Digg within the RSS space. The company is bringing even more competition to the RSS reader market for Android and Digg is here to stay!

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