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AIRO's fitness tracker will offer actionable advise when it debuts

Oct 29, 2013 11:57 AM EDT

A company called Airo Health is about to render every fitness tracker on the market completely obsolete. Never heard of Airo? We just discovered them too. While a number of devices like the Nike FuelBand and Fitbit Flex are already capable of tracking your footsteps, quality of sleep and even stress levels, Airo does all three of these, while providing a fourth service: tracking your caloric intake.

“We built AIRO to help people become more proactive about their health. By aggregating data around the four pillars of health, AIRO notices patterns in your behavior and tells you what you can do, each day, to live a healthier life,” said Abhilash Jayakumar, co-founder and CEO of Airo Health in a press statement. “We’re excited about giving people the ability to take control of their health in a way that has never before been possible.”

A gauge for caloric intake is arguably the holy grail of fitness tracking technology. Today, most users log their food manually or, more often, not at all. When the Airo wristband debuts in 2014, it will automatically scan the food you eat using a built-in spectrometer that identifies nutrients by their light properties.

"As your body breaks the food down, the sensor can detect the amount of light that passes through the blood based on green, red and infrared patterns," Jayakumar told Engadget.

With the ability to track not only how many calories you burn, but how many you take in as well, the Airo wristband can offer actionable data. Through Android and iOS apps, the Airo wristband will let you know not only if you’re, for example, stressed out, but also what you should do about it. Few, if any, fitness trackers currently on the market can make a similar claim.

"There are so many things happening in one's life, that if you don't know what to do next, you won't do it," says Jayakumar. "We are providing proof of how your body's behaving, which should be enough for you to say, 'oh, I need to do something.'"

The Airo wristband is still in development and is slated to hit the market in Fall 2014. It will retail for $199, but if you pre-order now, the price is $149. 

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