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LG Google TV Updates To 4.2.2 Version

Oct 28, 2013 06:43 PM EDT


Great news for Google TV users as LG Google TV finally says farewell to Android 3.2 Honeycomb and updates to the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Version! The updates for the smart TV platform began last Wednesday. Developers now have access to new features for Google TV. Google also has plans to re-brand its entire Google TV name suggesting to its manufacturers to now use the name “Android TV” over the latter. The announcement to cease Google TV’s name was made this month to rebrand all of its devices with the Android name. This is Google TV's third version.

“Android TV”

The new offering will deliver more apps and browser support. Google is pushing for its manufacturers and developers to affiliate with the name “Android TV.” The new rebrand of Google’s name is in efforts to help its OEM TV partners update on the Android versions in weeks versus months. Google TV runs on the Android and Chrome platforms. The company aims to drive innovation through executing an open platform strategy.

The updated  Android 4.2.2 change log is listed below:

  • Improved mobile app compatibility through Android NDK support

  • New Vudu application

  • Chrome browser PC to Android version (no Adobe Flash support now)

  • Deleted Crackle and Plex apps

New Features for Google TV Android Developers

It will be more convenient for developers to port apps for Android tablets and Google TV platform with the new update. Walmart’s Vudu service app will also be available to users. The update has Google’s Chrome latest browser. Google TV integrates both Android OS and Google Chrome browser to create an interactive TV experience.  Google TV 4.0 will include Chromecast functionality. The updated version also supports Android Native Development Kit (NDK) compatibility. LG Google TVs will provide Android developers with more opportunities in Smart TV.

Google TV Home Screen Google / Wikipedia

NDK Compatibility

Google TV users are able to have access to use the largest selection of Android apps through NDK. The Android apps updated version will let users play more games on a larger Google TV screen. Dedicated apps for Google TV will no longer be required. Minimal modifications will be in place when running Android smartphone apps.

For manufacturers, Android 4.2.2 Google TV version updates are predicted to be easier when adopting future Android 4.0 versions. LG GA6400 series models are now receiving the Android 4.2.2 Google TV version update. The remainder LG Google TV devices are also expect to receive updates soon. The date is still to be determined on any other Google TV manufacturers Android 4.2.2 Google TV version updates.

The Android 4.2.2 Google TV update was a bit late but its now finally here. Users are expected to fully experience its Android apps, a new LG 3D Game Changer, see improved Smart TV performance in playing games, updated graphics and interactivity. LG Google TV is known as one of the worlds most innovative TVs. It is expected to see more integration and customizable improvements with Google TV’s next generation Android TV devices in the future.

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