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Ouya Android Devices In Target Nationwide

Oct 28, 2013 04:48 PM EDT


Ouya’s customized Android gaming microconsole is set to be in all nationwide Target stores by the end of this month. Founder Julie Uhrman told Polygon the following, "When we launched in June we were live in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. We launched with GameStop, Target, Best Buy and GAME. This month we are going full chain with Target." Demo Kiosks are also set to debut early next year in 2014. “ We think the’res a great benefit for people to touch and experience Ouya,” Uhrman stated. “And to see the type of games that are on it.”

Ouya’s initial roots stemmed as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter which successfully raised more than $8 million in funds. The Android device still does offer an appealing $100 price,  over 250 apps and some well known games such as Sonic The Hedgehog 4. The gaming console will be sold in all 1,800 Target stores.

The company has plans of expanding in International markets Europe and Middle East also for October. In the U.S. it has presence in major retailers such as Best Buy and GameStop however not in all stores. Walmart is also one of the potential new partners presently in discussion with Ouya. The sleek, futuristic Android gaming console price is $100. Ouya will ship in October with a newly updated controller and come with a re-design of its outer packaging. Currently Ouya’s Android gaming console offers all of its titles through Android’s digital marketplace.

Ouya Founder, Julie Uhrman Google / OUYly

"For a company that is less than 35 people that went from an idea to a full product in less than nine months and four months after launch is nearing 500 games with 25,000 developers, I think our successes far outweigh our misses. And yet that's what people want to talk about, but that's also what we want to focus on because that's what makes us better as we listen, iterate and use it to make the product better." ~ Julie Uhrman, Ouya Founder

Ouya’s Android powered gaming console is promising for both developers and users. All of the games are free on the Android platform. Launching the game is quick. What differentiates Ouya from other Android gaming controllers is that all of its apps are custom and updated for its own controller. Other devices for Android have to be tacked on.

The anticipation for next generation devices comes just in time prior to this holiday season and before Black Friday. Nvidia has recently updated its Shield Android-based mobile game console to compete with Ouya at a price difference of costing $200 more. Nividia shield offers thousands of Android games and is running on Android's Jelly Bean operating system. The update which is now available will allow Android users to stream via TV for gaming users who do not have supported controllers. Playstation 4 and XBox One are major players in the gaming space.

Will the roll out in Target’s nationwide stores significantly boost Ouya’s sales? Ouya has a lot of potential for the future in working with developers and updating to improve some of its known hiccups like updating its quality of games. Developers are for the most part excited of the new launch however much anticipation is still in the areas of overall consumer and market demand.

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