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A Samsung For Every Size (part 1)

Oct 04, 2013 12:57 PM EDT


In recent years, it seems that the smartphone rivalry has become less of a Google vs. Apple competition and more of a Samsung vs. Apple competition. While Google’s Android software is run on the majority of mobile devices in the world, Samsung is barely edging ahead of Apple. Although there are many reasons for Samsung’s slight dominance over Apple, one of the biggest ones is device choice. Where as Apple makes two types of iPhones and two types of iPads, Samsung has one of the largest selections of any other mobile device manufacturer. Here are some of their biggest selling Tablets from every end of the size spectrum.

Starting Large, there is the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. Obviously, they both have a 10.1” display, but the similarities stop there. The Note clearly is the superior tablet in every category except price and weight, but the Tab is hardly shabby. The Note beats the Tab with a 2.3GHz quad core processor instead of a 1.6 GHz dual core, and has double the max storage with 64GB and three times the RAM with 3GB. However, performance isn’t even the greatest difference, since you won’t see much of a difference unless you’re doing more than simple browsing. The biggest difference between the two tablets is the display. The Note 10.1 offers a stunning 2560x1600 resolution with 298 ppi, while the Tab 3 offers a respectable but noticeably inferior 1280x800 resolution with 149 ppi. The other differences are less important: the Note has 8 MP and 2 MP back and front cameras vs the Tab’s 3.2 and 1.3 megapixels. The Tab is a few grams lighter, and the dimensions are virtually the same. However: here’s the kicker: with the Note, you get access to the S Pen, the revolutionary stylus that gives you the ability to use many features like air commands and realistic handwriting, and the Note comes with Android 4.3 vs. 4.2 on the Tab. Both tablets are great investments for the money, since the Tab is significantly cheaper that the Note ($400 vs. $500.)

Next down are the smaller cousins: The Note 8.0 and the Tab 3 8.0. The same rule applies here: the Note is the better and more expensive model. However, the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 has some surprises, such as a camera comparable to the Note (5.0 MP rear and 1.3 MP front,) the same resolution as the Note (1280x800,) and the delightful option of expandable storage beyond the 16 GB included in both models. However, as we delve deeper, the Note begins to shine. With 2 GB of RAM instead of 1.5, and a 1.6 GHz Quad-Core processor instead of a 1.5 GHz Dual-Core, the Note handles multitasking and intense programs easier. S-Pen is included with your Note, further widening the gap between the Note and the Tab as far as special hovering features go. Although the Note has superior specs and the S-Pen is included, The Tab has android 4.2 instead of the Note’s 4.1. Also, there is once more a significant difference in price, with the Tab 3 being much cheaper ($300 vs. $360.) However, the Note is currently on sale and could go back up $40 at any time.

The smallest tablet in the Galaxy series is the Tab 3 7.0. It is a significant step down from the Tab 3 8.0 with a 1024x600 screen and the 3 MP 1.3 MP cameras of the 10.1. It comes with only 8 GB of ROM and 1 GB of RAM, but it still has the option of expandable storage. The 7.0 uses a capable 1.2 GHz processor and is a fairly good price at only $200.

All of these Tablets include the latest Touchwiz UI and Galaxy features like Airview and SmartPause and are some of the best choices for Samsung tablets for 2013. I excluded the Samsung Nexus 10 because it is not considered to be part of the Galaxy line of tablets.

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