Aug 05, 2020 | Updated: 05:56 PM EDT

Google Glass Update: Improved Voice Control And Full Website Viewing

Jul 01, 2013 05:02 PM EDT


The Google Glass is not out for consumers, but those that have the explorer edition received an update for voice controls. The following are now part of the Google Glass:

“First up are voice controls, which are expanding to handle incoming and outgoing text messages, answering incoming calls and sharing directly with individuals by name all with voice-only commands. Adding to this expansion of communication, Google Glass can now interact with your entire Google Contacts list, rather than the previous ten favorite friends list before.”

Google Glass will now also incorporate full webpage viewing:

“Additionally, and possibly most surprisingly, Google has included full web page viewing from Google Search results in Glass. Now after making a search, users can tap on a "View website" screen to be taken to a full view of the page where they can scroll up and down with two fingers on the touch pad or hold two fingers and move their head to pan around the page.”

Of course only a few people currently have the Google Glass so it doesn’t mean much to most people but it will be interesting to see the Google Glass be refined over time. 

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