Aug 05, 2020 | Updated: 05:56 PM EDT

Nexus Q Dead: Google Play Movie Update Has Basically Killed Android Multimedia Device’s Functionality

Jun 27, 2013 04:03 PM EDT


The Nexus Q was Google’s multimedia entertainment device, designed to allow users to access games, music, movies and streaming all in one place. It looked good, appearing as a sleek black sphere.

The Nexus Q quickly ran into trouble and was discontinued. Google ending up giving it to people who had ordered it for free. Now it seems the Nexus Q is, as Droid Life aptly put it, “100% a paperweight”.

“A new Play Movies update has been released, and sure enough, it breaks pairing with the Q. This would be the new Play Movies that matches up in styling to the rest of the new Play apps, something we are actually happy about since the last version was somewhat of an eye-sore. But now that it breaks the Q, part of us is slightly saddened. If you are familiar with how Nexus Q pairing works, you’ll notice that in the top-right screenshot, that the Play icon is gone, which was previously used to toggle between your phone and the Q.”

The New Play Movies update has effectively killed the device by breaking Play Movies Support. Play Music support was killed off earlier. All that’s left now is the ability to stream YouTube and no one is going to use the Nexus Q for that. It is still unknown if Google will come out with a new multimedia device or not. We haven't heard much from them lately.

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