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Comptex 2013 Highlights Roundup: Transfomer Laptops, Phablets, Windows 8 tablets From Asus And Acer

Jun 06, 2013 12:45 PM EDT

Computex 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan is beginning to wrap up. The conference was a hardware heavy exhibition of the latest devices from various companies and ranged from affordable low-end to top-of-the line devices.

Endgaget has compiled a list of pretty much everything that featured. Asus and Acer dominated the conference but it was Asus that came out with some of the most innovative devices.

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Some of the more unique things to feature during the conference were ‘phablets’ and ‘transformer’ laptops with both Asus and Acer attempting to market laptops that were flexible to user needs.

Amongst those displaying their wares, Acer is hoping to wow buyers with the Aspire R7 – a new hyper-flexible laptop, which can be remodeled into tablet, stand or presentation modes, and is on the market for around 750 Euros. As Acer president, Jim Wong, explains, the company is proud of the product’s versatility:  “That’s why we call it a progressive design. We try to offer the users the experience. They can move a screen closer to them, to really enjoy touch it and to type at the same time.”

Another innovative Acer device is the Acer Orbe, a wireless storage hub that connects to AcerCloud offering up to 2TB of storage and syncing across any device.

Asus had a larger selection to draw from, including the Transformer Pad Infinity, a powerful high-end tablet with a keyboard dock that can attach to the tablet giving it laptop functionality. Then  there is the Transformer Book Trio an all-in-one laptop, tablet desktop combo with two processors that can run both Android Jelly Bean and Windows. The screen can be removed from the keyboard to form a tablet and the keyboard can be connected into the monitor to create a desktop.

Finally Asus also released the FonePad the first ‘phablet’ it’s a smartphone and a tablet with a suitable size for both and comes with a stylus. The smartphone and tablet combo seems to be inevitable, tablets get smaller while smartphones are getting bigger. It makes sense to have the functionality of both devices in one.

Which device are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments.

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