Dec 07, 2021 | Updated: 07:19 PM EDT

This Is Why Android Is a Much Better Platform for People on a Budget

Jul 15, 2021 04:53 PM EDT

First, there is nothing wrong with being on a budget. Sometimes, tech nerds get very sensitive about the subject because Apple customers tend to have more money and are much less price-sensitive. It seems silly to deny it. The average selling price for an iPhone is close to $700. While the ASP of Android is roughly $260. It has remained close to the same since 2014. This is a fact of the Android market. The premium Android phones make up a tiny percentage of the market even though they get the lion's share of the press. The idea of Android phones generally competing directly with iPhones is illusory. You will be a happier tech geek as soon as you let go of that notion.

It should also make you happier to know that because you are on a sensible budget, you have made the smarter choice with regard to mobile platforms. Most people are not making conscious decisions about smartphone platforms. They end up with whatever they could afford and whatever the salesperson was pushing based on commissions. If you ended up with Android by accident, then consider yourself an accidental genius. Here's why:

Android Fits into Any Budget

It is important that you have a spending plan in the same way that you have a food plan. Having a trackable, caloric budget helps you stay fit. Financial budgets work the same way. You do need a good way to keep track of everything. So be sure to grab some kind of monthly bill tracker that keeps you on top of all the expenses that have to be paid like clockwork. If you find there is no room in the budget for anything but a modest monthly bill, you are in luck. You can score a pretty decent Android phone for the low, low price of free.

To mobile carriers, the smartphone is the razor and their service, the blades. They can easily afford to give you a phone that will have enough features for you to run your bill up to astronomical heights. That means that if you find yourself in need of a smartphone when the budget has no room for an upfront payment, Android says yes. To get an iPhone you would actually want, you should probably be prepared to save a good chunk of money. Android does not generally require the same size chunk of money up front.

You Have a Broader Set of Budget-friendly Accessory Options

Everyone knows that a smartphone is not just a smartphone. It is also the accessories and ecosystem of products designed to work with that phone. While it is true that open systems like Windows and Android can be a mess, you can usually find exactly what you need at a budget price. Smart TVs will be less secure than an Apple TV box. They are inexpensive and make up for it by accumulating and selling as much of your data as possible. But that Apple TV box cost upward of $200. You can get a whole television with apps that are compatible with your Android phone for less. There are things you can do to secure an Android, budget-friendly smart television. There is nothing you can do to make the Apple TV cost less money.

Green Bubbles

There is no reason for you to have bubble envy. There are more green bubbles than blue bubbles in the world by quite a lot. It's not even close. That doesn't just extend to contacts. It is true of everything. Walk into any consumer electronics store. Except for the small section devoted to Apple products, almost everything inside is compatible with your device. Every smart home device, smartphone accessory, and mobile software package is going to work. That's the power of green. And that is the power you chose when you decided to go with Android. Just remember that with great power... You get the idea.

Android is not just an affordable choice. It is an excellent choice, especially if you are budget sensitive. And really, who isn't? Android fits into budgets of all sizes, with accessories from all vendors, and is compatible with the vast majority of people on the planet. Buying an Android phone doesn't make you look poor. It makes you look smart.

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