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Why Many Businesses Need Managed IT Services

Dec 21, 2020 09:43 PM EST

Why Many Businesses Need Managed IT Services
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If you're not familiar with the term, IT stands for information technology. Companies use computers to retrieve, store, manipulate, or transmit information or data, which is what IT is all about. You can think of it as an information and communications technology subset.

There are few businesses that don't utilize IT either to a lesser or greater extent. Many companies have a single IT person who handles a wide chore range, but some companies have entire IT departments. They often allocate a great deal of their budget toward IT.

However, companies can go about IT management in other ways besides hiring an individual or a department to handle this business aspect. They can also hire an IT management company or utilize IT management software. In this article, we'll look at why your business may want to consider doing that.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Businesses frequently need many IT technical services. You can hire individuals to handle whatever IT tasks come up, which might work out fine for you. However, some IT tasks:

  • Are difficult

  • Are time-consuming

You may want your staff free to focus more on higher-priority initiatives. If you get a managed IT service, they can deal with many of the IT tasks that come up. That way, you can think about other areas, like marketing, company expansion, focus groups, refining and adding to your website content, etc.

With managed IT services, you let another company handle your network and server tasks. They'll address any issues that come up, hopefully nipping them in the bud before they become full-fledged disasters. They can also beef up your security protocols to guard you against hacker attacks.

What Are Some Things an IT Service Management Company Might Do for You?

You might call upon an IT service management company to do all kinds of things for you. It all depends on your business model. Some examples might be:

  • Business application maintenance and upkeep

  • IT security

  • Product lifecycle management

If you created a business app, an IT service management company can work on the updates for you and make sure it's always usable, with no serious bugs or glitches. The company might provide comprehensive IT security, testing your firewall, password system, etc., to make sure no hackers can crash your business website or steal your proprietary data.

You might put them in charge of product lifecycle management, where they'll oversee the various product stages as you create and test prototypes before mass-marketing your latest innovation.

Why Does IT Service Management Make Sense for You?

No two companies use IT service management for exactly the same reason. However, you probably have to think about cost before anything else.

If you have proactive maintenance and network monitoring in place, that saves your employees time and reduces your operating costs. That's because the price of hiring an IT services management team or utilizing IT management software is undoubtedly going to be less than specifically hiring an IT management staff.

If you hire that staff, you'll need to pay them a generous salary, and then they'll probably want things like a 401K plan, vacation days, and other benefits. If you use a software suite or hire a company as you need them, it's going to be cheaper for you, and you can use that money elsewhere.

Then, there's the productivity factor. If you get a managed IT service plan from a reputable company, it frees up your other staff members to do other things. You can have them engage in product development, study the competition, engage with your would-be clients on social media, or whatever else makes the most sense for you.

Reduced downtime is one more reason to get a managed IT service plan. With such a plan in place, your business website should stay up at all times, and your app as well.

This means your customers will trust you more. On the other hand, if your website is always down or your app doesn't work as well as it should, it sends the message that your clients should go to other companies for their needs. You will get a bad reputation within your niche.

When you get a managed IT service plan, you can grow your business faster. You will know your company's data is secure, and you can focus on other areas, such as expansion and marketing.

IT matters a lot, and how you handle it could well determine whether you succeed or fail within your niche.  

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