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Key Features to Look for in an MSSP

Nov 25, 2020 08:53 PM EST

Key Features to Look for in an MSSP
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With IT playing such a big part in so many modern businesses across a myriad of industries, investment in IT security is an absolute must for any competitive company hoping to survive. 

There are countless digital threats out there that could cause downtimes, network breaches, data leaks, and more, but not every company has the in-house resources or staff to cope with all of those different threats. This is where MSSPs (managed security service providers) come into play. 

Specializing in security-as-a-service offerings, these companies are becoming increasingly popular in the modern era, safeguarding the data, networks, connections, and devices of countless companies across the globe. 

There are a lot of reasons to invest in an MSSP, from helping to set up intrusion prevention systems, VPNs, and firewalls to handling security system management, risk management strategy, security updates, and more, and plenty of MSSPs to choose from.

However, not all MSSP providers are equal. Some are far more reliable, experienced, professional, and useful than others, offering stronger levels of security and more dependable levels of support for your business. Here are some key features to focus on when trying to find the best MSSP.

Expertise and Experience

The MSSP industry is an evolving and profitable one, leading many entrepreneurs to set up their own MSSP businesses in the hopes of getting their own piece of the action. Unfortunately, this means that there are some MSSPs out there that are simply lacking in experience or expertise when compared to others. 

An inexperienced MSSP won't be able to provide the high levels of security support and the wide range of services you need. It's vital, therefore, to focus on finding a trusted, proven brand with demonstrable expertise in business security, boasting leading compliance experts, highly skilled security technicians, and first-rate researchers on its roster.

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and alerts regarding security risks or issues are a key part of MSSP services, but different MSSPs can handle these alerts and notifications very differently. Some of them may simply send out alerts asking you to do the hard work and investigate the issues, deliver delayed notifications that simply aren't helpful, or bombard you with excess alerts that just generate more work and stress for your staff. 

The best MSSPs handle alerts the right way, giving you detailed, informative notifications and telling you exactly what needs to be done and always delivering those alerts in a prompt and efficient fashion, without any unnecessary delays, helping problems get solved quickly, without the risk of them deteriorating into something more serious.

Speedy Set-Up

Onboarding and set-up time is another essential aspect to take into account when choosing a new MSSP. In some cases, it can take weeks or months to get a full MSSP service all set-up. During that period of time, you'll continue to be exposed to threats and dangers that could lead to downtime issues, which may, in turn, harm your business and reduce your revenue.

To avoid these issues, it's wise to focus on finding an MSSP that can offer speedy onboarding times, ideally within a week or two, so that you aren't exposed to risks for any longer than necessary. This helps to simplify the whole process, providing you with much-needed peace of mind and also demonstrating the skills and professionalism of your chosen provider.

Customer Support

MSSPs can handle customer support and client relations very differently. Some of them have very weak offerings when it comes to keeping in touch with clients, answering questions, dealing with problems, and so on. Some of them fail in terms of the accuracy and promptness of their responses, as well as offering limited, relatively useless customer portals.

The best MSSPs do things very differently, with round-the-clock customer care offerings such as live chat windows that can be accessed at any time and in-depth customer portals that can be consulted with up-to-date, valuable details and information that the client can actually use and act on. Finding an MSSP that really cares about customer support can make a world of difference to your overall experience.

Final Word

It's important to consider your options and act with care and caution when choosing an MSSP. You'll be putting the security, safety, and future of your company in this provider's hands, so make sure you choose a set of hands that are reliable, trustworthy, and guaranteed to get results. Keep the above features in mind and don't settle for second best; find an MSSP who covers all the bases and gives you everything you need.

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