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Essential Tips for Startup App Developers

Aug 08, 2020 12:25 PM EDT

Essential Tips for Startup App Developers
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Today, there is an app for nearly everything. People use apps to play games, track health and finances, use services, and much more. If you are thinking about app development for a startup, there are plenty of lucrative options awaiting you. However, there are several critical steps to follow if you want your venture to be successful.

Conduct Market Research

After you identify your target market, this is the most crucial step. If you create an app in a market with too much competition and no competitive advantage, it is unlikely to succeed. Use online tools to conduct industry research for the related industry. For example, if your app is for health and fitness, research trends in that industry to better predict what the future may bring and what services you should offer. Also, you can learn about competing apps or companies in your market to help you develop a competitive advantage or a unique selling point.

Provide Useful Instructions

Prompts, instructions, disclaimers, and other parts of the app need to be drafted and optimized. If you do not have technical writing experience, finding the right writer or program is essential. Programs like MadCap technical writing software are good for user instructions and other necessary reading materials related to your app. To protect your reputation and avoid liabilities, all writing must be clear and planned well.

Plan for Updates

Updates are inevitable and how they unfold can affect user satisfaction with your app. How often you should run updates depends on the type of app that you want to create and how often you predict needing to add or modify content. Less frequent updates may be better for some apps, and this is especially true if users must sign in again after an update. Your planned updates should include a growth strategy that considers multiple levels of demand.

Create a Marketing Strategy

How you market your app is one of the most significant factors that determine its success. Targeted ads are useful for reaching the desired market. If your app is a finance tool, you may prefer paid ads for in-app advertising in other apps. If your app is a photo editor with features that younger people are more likely to use, you may want to advertise on a social media platform that they use. It also helps to create hype about your app before its release. You can generate a preview or teaser video that builds suspense, and you may want to offer some form of a promotional coupon, discount, or other deal for new users. If your startup will also rely on email marketing, a promotional deal that requires an email address is an excellent way to incentivize new users and build your email list.

Design a Feedback Structure

You can place prompts in the app at different points to encourage ratings or feedback to boost your reputation and get more customer input on your landing pages. To increase positive reviews, it helps to place these after achievements or positive aspects of using the app. For example, after a finance app user receives a payment, the user is more likely to rate the app positively than after making a payment.

Be sure to also consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are related to your app or startup. You can find more tips online about conducting a thorough SWOT analysis that will boost startup and app success.

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