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The Role of Tech in the Fight Against COVID-19

May 02, 2020 12:23 AM EDT

The Role of Tech in the Fight Against COVID-19
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There is an ongoing universal crusade against coronavirus, and it looks like everyone has a particular role to play. The situation is intensifying as the private sector continues to rally its help to the people. Healthcare organizations are now coping with the whole situation. U.S. tech firms have not been left out. Battling the pandemic needs drastic responses. That is why political leaders have turned to the most drastic forms of availing help to the people. 

Social distancing and isolation have proved effective in the effort to curb the spread of this viral infection. However, health experts insist that developments in biotechnology and advanced medicine are required for society to return to normal. As a result, tech gurus are rising to the challenge in the battle against COVID-19. 

Here is how technology is currently playing a role in the fight against the disease:

Better Testing

Companies are in a race to develop more rapid and widespread methods of testing people for COVID-19. Some firms are focusing on an at home coronavirus test kit available to consumers while others pursue reliable antibody tests that can be used to identify those who've already been exposed to the virus. The goal is to drastically increase the number of people being tested for the virus or the antibodies. This will help health officials to better gauge the extent of the virus's spread and more accurately model their projections.

3D Printing World Responds To COVID-19

The quick spread of coronavirus has put healthcare professionals under significant strain as they offer treatment to the affected patients. As such, 3D systems and companies are providing their services and are looking for customers as well as partners to join hands in sharing skills to help provide treatment as well as care to the affected. It is in such times that the world sees selflessness as people come forward to assist one another in the time of need. The additive manufacturing, as well as the 3D printing world, has several members participating in the response world. The teams are devoted to supporting medical device manufacturers with 3D printed elements in plastic and metal materials in order to ease various supply chain issues for emergency care devices including ventilators as well as certified face masks.

Telemedicine And COVID-19

Telemedicine is gaining the traction it deserves due to coronavirus. Today, the method which involves remote healthcare service technology including monitoring and advice between doctors and patients over a safe connection serves at the forefront of the industry. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by healthcare professionals, it is clear that the COVID-19 response team is making good use of telemedicine to reach out to patients and families of the affected. The ongoing crisis has forced institutions in the healthcare sector to seek alternative ways of attending to patients while limiting the spread of the virus. Robots can now help to monitor infected patients.

The Hands-Free Door Openers

Door handles are known to be among the germ-infested objects in hospitals, nursing homes, and factories. As the pandemic continues to cut across the world, healthcare professionals stand behind their mission to create a healthier world, which is the reason behind sharing free design files for the world when it comes to creating the 3D print hands-free door openers. Through a careful analysis by the world's risk prevention advisors regarding how the virus spreads, we can successfully work together to evade passing on the virus.

How It Works

Companies have designed doors with ease in installation in mind. The easy-to-use openers do not need drilling holes as well as replacing the door's handles. Setting it up is pretty simple- you only need to fasten the 3D printed pieces using screws over the handles.

Final Thoughts

There is a surge in innovation, and it is drawing comparisons to a different era of duress coupled with great ingenuity. Several inventions that initially saw the day's light after a struggle are now useful to healthcare professionals.

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