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How Smartphones Have Become the Nexus of Our Lives

Apr 27, 2020 10:19 PM EDT

How Smartphones Have Become the Nexus of Our Lives
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Whether or not we are willing to admit it, smartphones are at the center of our lives. They go where we go and we can be lost, literally, without them. Smartphone users take selfies and photographs, play games, read articles, listen to music, check emails, comment, post, get directions, and can perform jobs with their cell phones. Even so, innovators see smartphones as not only convenient for those tasks but for use also as a tool with near-infinite possibilities.

Continue reading to learn additional ways that smartphones have become the nexus of our lives:

Connection with Other Devices

So you want to change the channel but the remote is across the room or worse somewhere deep in the sofa cushions. No problem. You may be able to use your smartphone to control the television. Recent versions of smartphones are housed with an infrared port. These phones can be set up with an app installation to control the TV, audio system or even a DVD player With wifi you can control a diverse array of home appliances. For example, your smartphone can even receive notifications from an EV charger in your garage so you know when your EV is done charging.

Language Translation

The Google Translate app allows you to use your smartphone's camera to aim at printed text and receive the translation. This is an invaluable tool when traveling abroad. At the time of writing this article, the app supports 109 languages on camera translation mode. The apps other modes include conversation and handwriting.

Heart Monitoring

Apps like Instant Heart Rate and Heart Rate Plus use your camera's smartphone and built-in flash to monitor the heart rate. Simply place your finger over the lens and the flash for the recommended time and the apps will read your pulse. The app will then provide your beats per minute.

Mental Focus

It may be hard to imagine something as distracting as your smartphone as a means of keeping focused on what you should be doing. Several apps are designed to help with mental focus. 'Moment' is an app that helps limit the amount of time spent on the phone. 'Flipd' is another such app. It creates a lock screen that removes social media, games, and other apps. 'AppDetox' is also designed to help you take a digital detox. These apps can be used while you are working. They are proven to work well for boosting productivity.

Income and Expense Tracker

With smartphones, keeping track of your income and expenses is easier than ever. Keeping up with this information is essential in understanding where you are financially and make an efficient budget. A wide range of apps exists that help you manage your daily expenses and incomes quickly and easily.

My Finances, Daily Expenses 3, and Daily Income Expense Manager are a few apps you can use for this. Travel expenses, food, education, clothing, and entertainment are among the categories listed in these apps. They provide you with an analysis of your remaining balance and expenses. Reports are available to review on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. These types of apps are excellent for helping you organize expenses and gain control over your money.

These are just a few of the innovative ways that smartphones provide solutions. It's no wonder we can't do without them.

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