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How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

Mar 10, 2020 10:37 PM EDT

How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company
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It doesn't matter what team you're hiring for, or in what industry, the question has at one time come up: how do you attract the top talent? After all, acquiring talent is one the most important aspects of helming a successful business. 

Casting a wide net is a good start, but it's only half of the equation. Understanding your value as a company, beyond the paycheck you offer, is paramount in targeting top talent. A lot of companies assume that you can buy your way to fantastic talent, but a lot of other factors inform your ability to find the right candidate, including workplace culture, social value, mentorship and strong networking. 

Here are five proven methods for attracting top talent to your company. 

Understand Your Value Prop

You know your company's value proposition as it pertains to clients and customers, but do you know your value prop as an employer? If not, then start here. Try to understand what sets you apart from competitors as an employer and then lead with that in your recruitment literature and hiring process. 

Build a Positive, Attractive Work Culture

For top talent, it often isn't enough to pull a decent salary - they also want a place where they can feel comfortable. After all, employees spend roughly a third of their days in the workplace. Build a compelling work culture by prioritizing employee appreciation, hosting fun corporate team building activities and encouraging a healthy work/life balance. Prospective talent will take note of a good culture, and it may give you the requisite competitive edge your company needs. 

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Incentivize Referrals

Chances are, the talented employees you have currently know other talented employees elsewhere. They have likely built their own network of like-minded individuals. To make the most of their networks, create an incentives program for talent referral. If you expect your employees to be a part of the talent acquisition process, it's best to motivate them financially. 

Be More Than a Bottom Line

Increasingly, employees want to feel that their job has a purpose - that it has a positive effect on the world. Build into your value proposition a value greater than the bottom line. Consider working charity into your business mandate; encourage volunteering and make donations to causes you believe in. Especially for millennial employees, altruism is an important feature when considering businesses for employment. 

Develop a Mentorship Program

Talented prospects want to know that the position you're offering is also a learning opportunity, that is a shrewd move in their career. Work into your value proposition a focus on mentorship, ensuring that employees are encouraged to grow and expand their skillset. Often, they don't want a manager that simply delegates and criticizes; they want an encouraging, guiding superior that can help them thrive. 

If you're looking to attract top talent, look beyond what you can offer financially. Offer value through culture, charity and mentorship. Leverage your existing talent to find new talent. Top talent acquisition doesn't have to be difficult.   

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