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NearShore Technology Reveals How to Choose the Best nearshore Outsourcing Company

Mar 11, 2020 11:42 AM EDT

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NearShore outsourcing is rapidly growing as the go-to solution for many U.S. companies of all sizes for the wide variety of I.T. needs that the essential technologies of the 2020s require. The advantages of having a nearshore team in place and available outweigh the previously common options of in-house staff or contractors or outsourcing to offshore companies on the other side of the world. In this article, NearShore Technology covers the important issues presented when choosing the best nearshore outsourcing company.

The Advantages Of Nearshoring

Nearshoring provides the natural, highly competitive advantages of local staff and contractors. Nearshore teams work in on the same time schedule as domestic firms, making conferencing and constant contact seamless. Nearshore teams speak English and have knowledge of particular industries, making communication open and natural. Nearshore outsourcing can take advantage of a sizable talent pool, which makes all projects move more quickly and efficiently. In order to maximize these advantages, it is important to find the best nearshoring firm to get the best people on your team.

Find the Best Country For an Outsourcing Company

Most U.S. companies look for nearshoring opportunities in North and Central America. For particular countries and jurisdictions, you should consider whether there exists sufficient infrastructure to support the technology and internet access that your nearshore team will need. Also important is whether the other country being examined has sufficient intellectual property and other legal frameworks that will protect your business and work product. The overall size and quality of the labor supply in a given area is also vital.

The best way to handle all of these questions is to interview a potential nearshore outsourcing company on these topics. Working with a company based inside the U.S. is a great way to know that the company you are working with is aware of these issues and knows how to address the specific needs of a U.S.-based company.

Check Out Feedback and Community Reputation

Look at the portfolio of work done by a nearshore outsourcing company for clients who have needs similar to yours. Ask for and review the feedback the company has received from previous clients. Ask questions of a prospective company about what types of I.T. projects they have handled and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Discuss whether your project and expected time demands are reasonable and within the scope of what the company has handled before.

Compare Your Day-To-Day Operational Schedule To What the NearShore Outsourcing Company Offers

Ask about how the company normally structures teams for particular projects. Make sure that the way the company does business will mesh well with your in-house team and scheduling routines. Communication is the most important part of making I.T. development run smoothly, so find out whether the proposed nearshore team members will be interactive and analytical or more geared toward simply delivering tasks as required.

Discuss Pricing and Delivery Schedules

As your objective is to receive the best product at the best price, be sure to ask about pricing options. Determine whether hourly or project-based pricing is available and what structure provides the most efficiency for your needs. You should feel completely comfortable about how your work will be priced, and the delivery schedule that both sides can agree on before work begins.

About NearShore Technology     

NearShore Technology is a U.S. firm headquartered in Atlanta with offices throughout North America. The company focuses on meeting all the technology needs of its clients. NearShore partners with technology officers and leaders to provide effective and timely solutions that fit each customer's unique needs. NearShore uses a family-based approach to provide superior I.T., Medtech, Fintech, and related services to our customers and partners throughout North America.

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