Oct 23, 2021 | Updated: 07:19 PM EDT

Is Your Data Center Hurting Your Business?

Oct 10, 2019 10:42 AM EDT

Is Your Data Center Hurting Your Business?
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You moved your data to an off-site location for a reason; you expected to see a clear return on investment. So, have you?

If you're struggling to keep making the business case for your current data center, or you can't find a clear ROI, it's time to make a change. They're clearly letting you down somewhere.

Here are 5 ways that data centers can often disappoint their clients, or surprise them for all the wrong reasons.

1. Hidden Fees + Unexpected Price Hikes

You might not be able to find the ROI because, quite simply, this is costing your business more than you expected or more than you were promised.

We're not suggesting that the price point should ever be the #1 factor when you're looking to outsource your data center connectivity and find the right provider. However, the price will clearly always be a factor.

If your provider has broken your trust in this regard, it's time to look elsewhere.

2. Access to Your Data or Downtime

The early conversations you had with your data center probably involved a lot of their bragging about the reliability of their facilities and how convenient moving your data there will be. This sets a certain expectation for how things will be once you sign the dotted line, and rightfully so.

However, how accessible is your data to your staff? They may be struggling to access crucial files in a timely fashion for any number of reasons, including:

  • A bad onboarding/ training experience

  • A clunky and inefficient system

  • Bad customer support

Off-site should never mean inaccessible. If you're struggling to access your data for any of the above reasons, it's time to hold your provider accountable for better service or make a change.

3. Security Issues

Or maybe they have made it too easy to access your data.

Has your data experienced a breach? 2018 was the second most active year ever for hackers and data security has never been more important. Any sort of security incident, or lack of communication about that incident could be reason enough to move on.

4. Bad Service

You're not just paying for the facilities. You're paying for a certain expectation of service from the data center team. The human beings working in a data center will still make or break the experience, just as much as the tech will.

Have they disappeared on you after the sales or on-boarding process? Is your staff having a hard time getting a hold of their team with questions or problems?

There should be no communication friction at all. You can do better.

5. A Lack of Scalability

Maybe your business has changed or grown since you first signed your contract.

Now, you have more (or at least different) needs for your data. Is your data center able to accommodate you? Can they scale your services to match your future?

Your data center should be excited to see you grow and able to help you do so. If this isn't the case, you've outgrown them.

These are only 5 of the things that can have you questioning why you're still with your data center. If you're reading this blog, chances are good that at least one of those points brought you here today.

Even if you don't change data centers, it could be time to have a frank conversation with them about what they can do for you.

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