Oct 23, 2021 | Updated: 07:19 PM EDT

Why Software is Key to Growing Your Cannabis Business

Sep 09, 2019 10:59 PM EDT

When most people think of the burgeoning market for legal cannabis, they probably think about the incredible profits that can be made producing cannabis, or the ways that recreational cannabis is becoming part of mainstream lifestyle brands - they may even think about the complexities involved in marketing and developing new strains of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. 

What they probably aren't thinking about is software. But the truth is that the right software platform is just as important for success in the cannabis industry as good quality seeds. 

This is because, in order to stay compliant with government regulations, cannabis producers need to keep track of huge quantities of data, and without a software platform that is specifically designed to help cannabis producers stay complaint, the costs of doing business can be prohibitive.

What is a Cannabis Software Platform?

At their most basic, cannabis software platforms are designed to facilitate data entry, storage, and recall. 

In many jurisdictions where cannabis has been made legal for medical or recreational uses, government regulations require that producers keep and be able to produce data tracking the growth of every single leaf they cultivate from seed to sale, which can involve major logistical hurdles for small companies.  

Cannabis software helps producers track their product and create digital logs that can quickly be called up in case of an inspection or quality control issue - the best cannabis production software platforms can even provide producers with an integrated, seamless way of bringing their goods to market through e-commerce sites that make it easy for producers to connect with medical cannabis patients, healthcare providers, and other businesses. 

How do Cannabis Platforms Work?

Given the range of needs they need to fulfill, cannabis software developers have needed to get creative about the design of their products. 

Many cannabis platforms use barcodes and wireless scanners or smartphones to make it easy for workers in cannabis nurseries and greenhouses to easily gather data in real time. Cannabis platforms can also be customized to work within particular regulatory frameworks so that reports can be generated quickly and securely. 

Given the fact that cannabis products, even in areas where they are legal for recreational use, are subject to age restrictions, it is important for cannabis software platforms to enact strict age verification protocols.

As cannabis software platforms have added e-commerce options, many of them have also adopted secure verification controls to ensure that cannabis is not accidentally sold to minors online. 

With more and more states and countries opting to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational uses, the challenge of producing cannabis efficiently but securely has become a significant one. 

Thanks to high tech innovations that streamline the process of tracking cannabis products from seed-to-sale, even small cannabis producers are able to turn a profit growing cannabis for the medical and recreational markets while staying compliant with even the strictest government regulations. 

This means that if you are interested in entering the cannabis industry as a producer or investor, finding a software platform that offers you the data solutions and sales integration you need is essential for your long-term success. 

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