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Why Android Remains at the Top of Its Game

Sep 09, 2019 10:42 PM EDT

Android is one of the most popular mobile interfaces out there, holding 88% of the market share in 2018 - but many readers may be wondering what it is specifically that makes the Android system so special, and what gives it such an advantage over the Apple iOS.


The Android operating system offers a great deal of choices to developers to empower them to create better, more personalized, more unique apps. This is because Android uses open-source coding, breaking down walls and giving developers more room to run, jump, and play. If you're looking to develop an Android based app that will really make a splash, you need to remember that the Android OS comes with its own set of perks and challenges that set it apart from the iOS.

Open-source coding supports multiple languages, encourages a great deal of third-party programming and upgrading, and brings VR and AR often built in. This open-source coding allows developers more room to work, but also requires that more strict security measures be put in place to prevent outside tampering. Be sure your developer knows how to lock down its coding!


Google Play app installs have enjoyed a steady 13% year-over-year growth increase, topping out at 75.7 billion downloads last year, compared to the Apple store's relatively meagre 25 billion. 

The upside is a far more robust market, while the downside means that developers designing apps in the space need to work a little bit harder to stand out amidst the vast range of competition. If you're looking to build the next great Android app, be sure that your developer not only understands your vision, but also knows how to excel during the launching and QA phases. What's the point in having the best idea in the history of apps, if nobody will know it exists upon launch?

Instant Apps

Another major advantage to the Android OS is the introduction of instant apps, which are considered by most to be the next major advancement for Android devices of all shapes and sizes.

Accessed through a browser rather than being downloaded directly onto your device's hard drive, instant apps function similarly to those directly installed on the hard drive, while taking up almost no space, freeing up your system's RAM for better web browsing.

While there are some limitations to instant apps, most users have been raving about the sheer convenience on offer.

Instant apps are gaining so much traction because as long as users have a connection to the Internet, they can access the instant apps they need when they need them, without committing them to their system's memory. If you're looking to turn your existing app instant, or you want to build one from scratch, make sure you pair up with a mobile app developer that understands this new, burgeoning technology.

Find a Developer than Understands Android

When you work with a flexible, lean mobile app developer, you'll be better able to get your app up and running - especially if you're considering commissioning a product for the Android OS. Whether you have a white-hot idea for a new app, or you'd like to consult with a developer to learn how to turn your existing downloadable Android app instant, choosing the right partner is a key consideration.

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