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Android 4.3 JellyBean Pictures Filter Out

May 24, 2013 03:52 PM EDT

Previously we wrote about Android 4.3.3 wondering when it would be released for update. We speculated that during the week of the Google I/O conference JellyBean 4.3 would be announced because Key Lime Pie 5.0 wasn’t going to be. It wasn’t announced though and we still haven’t gotten much word on it.

Once again rumors are swirling that Android 4.3 is about to come out, pictures of it were apparently seen. Pictures are from a mobile expo in Thailand according to the xdadevelopers forum where the pictures were posted.

The only details about it we know so far are:

The few photos don't reveal much other than the fact that 4.3 appears to be in the wild, and it comes with a re-tooled camera app. The new camera menu has shifted into the form of an arc in the lower section of the screen.

Hm…too bad. Hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll get more info about it. We’ll keep you posted as news filters out.

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