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‘Modern Family’ Luke Dunphy Gets Nvidia Shield Handheld, Replaces Nintendo 3DS On Show

May 21, 2013 12:02 PM EDT

The powerful new Tegra 4 handheld by Nvidia that seeks to challenge rival hand-held gaming devices by Sony and Nintendo showed up in a surprising place. An episode of ‘Modern Family’.

Luke Dunphy, the son of eccentric Phil Dunphy, can be seen in one scene of the episode “Games People Play” playing with the device, though its questionable if fans are aware that it’s the Shield. The Shield appears to have replaced his regular “Aqua Blue Nintend 3DS”

The popular family-centered sitcom chose to include the Shield without any payment for the product placement according to a Nvidia rep, “They ended up approaching us, Phil and Luke are big gadget geeks... the folks we met are always looking for cool new things to feature. They wanted it on the show, and we just needed to get them a unit.”

The device is just shipping now and costs a sizable $349 compared to the $170-200 Nintendo 3DS and $250-300 Playstation Vita. It remains to be seen if the Shield can carve a place out for itself in the market.

There’s no better product placement than free product placement.

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