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AMD RX Vega News, Update, Release: RX Vega GPU Major Details Leaked Before July 18 Show

Jul 14, 2017 02:23 PM EDT

The much-awaited release of AMD Vega GPU is set for July 30 at the company's Capsaicin shindig, which is just before the SIGGRAPH. However, a few details are leaking out ahead of time, which says that there will be four different reference design models: Vega XTX, Vega XT, and Vega XL.

Toms Hardware was told the Vega XTX will be coming as either an air-cooled design with a blower fan or a liquid-cooled variant. Air-cooled design with a blower fan variant of the AMD Radeon RX Vega XTX will have 375W TDP and the liquid-cooled variant will have 285W TDP.

The Vega XT and Vega XL will both be air cooled and operate at 285W TDP. The already-shipping Vega Frontier Edition also comes in the air- or liquid-cooled variants, which is the air cooled version hitting 300W TDP.

All the AMD Radeon RX Vega cards will come powered with HBM2 memory. The only information that is available right now is that the Vega XTX will likely start out with 8GB of HBM2. The Radeon RX Frontier Edition uses 16GB of HBM2, or "high-bandwidth cache," as AMD has taken to calling it.

The only other aspect that has been learned is that the top-end models will come with 64 compute units, whereas the low-end XL will have 56.  AMD will be officially showing their much-awaited Radeon RX Vega line of GPUs at a Siggraph event on 30 July. 

In recent, AMD has also announced that they will let the public to get their hands on its new Radeon RX Vega graphics card in Budapest on July 18th, as reported by DSO Gaming. According to the AMD, on July 18 from 2 to 7 PM, it will be transforming the Akvárium Klub into a PC gaming zone in which it will be bringing rigs powered by AMD Radeon RX Vega with today's most popular games for gamers to try.

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