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Apple iPhone 8 Rumors, Leaks, Specs: Latest Leak Reveals Expensive Secrets Of Apple For Upcoming iPhone

Jul 10, 2017 08:18 AM EDT

The Apple iPhone 8's biggest problem is apparent. Despite a radical new design, massive display, vertically aligned dual camera, entirely new notification system and wireless charging feature, the price of the upcoming iPhone is going to be very high.

According to the Business Insider report,  Apple is planning to start iPhone 8 pricing from $1,000 meaning top tier storage variant of the upcoming iPhone could cost $1,100 - $1,200. However, according to the latest report, it has gained from analysts' Nomura-Instinet, carriers may be about to ride to the rescue.

Nomura-Instinet analyst Jeffrey Kvaal, citing "record-low upgrade rates" among carriers, claims that they have reason to consider carriers are now desperate to come out on top in what is expected to be a "supercycle" upgrade when the Apple iPhone 8 unveils. Right now, the Apple has discovered evidence of self-confident promotions where carriers will stomach some of the cost to bring down the cost of the iPhone 8 for eager consumers, as reported by Forbes.

This is probably to go a step further than the common subsidizing of an iPhone's cost over the length of its contract with authentic savings. Given an iPhone contract can lock a new customer into a contract of two years or more, this might well be a risk the carrier deems worth taking in a free-for-all.

However, Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo also believes a lot of the iPhone 8's major new features, like fast charging and wireless charging, which is expected to be treated like optional extras with only a standard Lighting-to-USB Type A wall charger in the box. By joining the price tag of fast and wireless chargers and Lightning-to-USB Type-C cables after sale and there's the possibility of being another $100+ of purchase outlay. However, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 8 might cost even more than Apple iPhone 8.

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