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Google I/O 2013 Conference Roundup: Hangouts, Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘Google Edition’, Google Wallet and Racer

May 16, 2013 03:44 PM EDT

We covered a handful of the services that featured at yesterday’s conference. Here are four more:

Hangouts: Integration is the word of the day for Hangouts. Google Talk, Google + Messanger and Google Voice are/will be integrated. Hangouts will function as a unified messaging app where conversations can sync between different platforms like iOS, Android, Chrome and Gmail. There is also free video with every text conversation. Google’s vision is a complete messaging platform with text, video, voice calls and chat all in one place.

Samsung Galaxy ‘Google Edition’: This was the only hardware announced yesterday, though it wasn’t exactly new. It’s a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with the standard Android 4.2 instead of the custom Samsung UI changes and apps. It’s unlocked and available in June on both T-Mobile and AT&T for the hefty price of $649.

Google Wallet/Gmail: Gmail now has a ‘$’ dollar-sign button in the compose window where you can open Google Wallet and attach money to your email just like you would a file. There’s a 2.9% transaction fee unless you add a bank account and recipients will need to have Google Wallet to receive the cash.

Racer: This is perhaps one of the more underrated things talked about during the keynote. It’s a multiplayer racing game built using a Chrome toolkit and a syncing software that allows users to compete across multiple devices, both Android and iOS where you can line up all your assorted devices and have the track adjust to the screen sizes.

There are surely more equally cool things upcoming.

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