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iOS 11 Public Beta Is Available For Download Now Features [How To Install]

Jun 27, 2017 04:24 PM EDT

Apple has revealed the next update to their mobile operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference a few weeks ago. While the iOS 11 developer beta has been revealed for quite some time now, Apple has now made the public beta available that means anyone can download it and install it on their iPads and iPhones.

Announced previous this month during WWDC, Apple iOS 11 comes with your standard tweaks and refinements. However, it is also a huge focus on making the iPad a more influential computing tool worthy of its larger screen and keyboard attachment.

iOS 11 is the biggest update for the iPad yet and brings with it game-changing multi-tasking features. For the Apple iPhone as well, iOS 11 will bring with it a slew of new features, UI tweaks and improvements and refinements which make it one of the most comprehensive iOS updates yet, as reported by India Today.

To download the public beta, the user has to head over to and sign up with your Apple ID. As the software is in beta, there are bound to be a lot of bugs, so installing it on a primary device is not recommended. Ideally, the user should install the beta on a secondary device and remember to backup the device data first.

As mentioned above, iOS 11 brings with a host of features for the iPad such as a new customizable dock, a file manager app, which is simply called Files and a split view drag and drop functionality. The file manager app is also coming to the Apple iPhone, as reported by Tech Crunch.

iOS 11 also features with it new Photos and camera tactics such as Loop and Bounce effects for Live photos that create continuous video loops and a long exposure for capturing time and movement. Siri also has new voices - both male and female - which sounds more human and the voice assistant can now translate languages and suggest topics based on user behavior.

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